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Fuel Economy

So whats the best MPG you've got from your Land Rover

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Heya all,
Ive just got back from a road trip to Scotland and I managed to get 39 mpg from my TDI 90.
So the nosy question is, whats the best any of you have got and what Land Rover?? NO small economical cars.............just because we'll then actually know how much we could save by driving one.........
How fast did you drive? Any old ladies overtake you?:D I get about 29mpg out of a 200Tdi defender, about 35/65 town/ country.

Cheers, Ben
Haha was doing 60 for most of it. I was going about the same speed as the trucks.

Only things that overtook me, of significance, was a group of army wolfs......now they were nice
well, i've only done one tank in her, and got 27MPG. I was enjoying the power a little, and am hoping to get close to 30 on this tank.

The best from my 300tdi was 34, and the best from my 2.5 petrol was i think 23.

Best I have had , 36 mpg (85 rrClassic 2.8 Isuzu (well got at !! )) with my mates 200 tdi block in the back.

32.5 @ 70 on cruise on the M6 with 3 bodies +luggage 97 2.5DSE (chipped)

Worst 8 68 series2B anytime
Certainly interesting. Im not sure what the best'll be for a diesel as its definately not going to be a petrol!

If I take it easy on the right pedal I can coax around 50 mpg out of my freeby Td4. However, on my frequent trips to Kent when I am doing a good 70mph :)eek: from Kim) I still get around 40 mpg. Most of my journeys tend to be reasonably short - under 10 miles so I am happy to get about 400 miles per tankful of diesel
not sure about the mpg but i filled up in inverness went up to wick and then had to refuel when i got to carlsile. as to what speed i was doing well the nedels bent is all il say and i didnt spot any mobile cameras and i know the fixed ones
Somewhere between 15mpg and 18mpg at the moment, due to town based driving. Although typically around town the mpg is probably 15 or less! Should be able to hit 20mpg on a long motorway run.
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