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Gas tank options


I currently have two 35 litre gas tanks slung under the floors on my Range Rover Classic, inboard of the sills. Now I KNOW the first Discos were Rangies in a new dress, so the same gas tanks must be ok. Can the same be done with later Discos and Disco 2s? 'Cos I don't want a damned great tank in the boot, thanks very much!

Anyone actually know the answer?
I don't have an exact answer but the later Disco's etc had the ACE stuff in-board of the chassis and a few more bit's and bobs. It may be a hinderence but then again it may not.
It all depends on the size of the tanks really.

Crawl underneath and take a look at the later models for ideas.
Ok so i believe you will still be able to place the tanks under the sills in any Disco 1 but don't quote me on that.
Disco 2's are a problem if it comes with rear air suspension. The compressor is one side with the resivoir being the other side.
And a Point of Note is all 7 Seat Disco 2's have Air Suspension
Hope this helps
my 1993 disco 1 has 2 under slung 35 litre gas tanks fitted.

And mine..Its a 99V8i, the last of the 300?, series1?, or whatever they are.
I think the later disco's, s2? had an issue with the suspension that stopped the fitting of cill tanks.
The D11 cant be fitted with meaningull capacity sill tanks as mentioned because of ACE however if you are willing to curtail the rainge on petrol you can get tanks where the petrol tank in i get from emptry in about 62l of gas and have no loss of load space

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Great thanks Aidan, yes would seem the way to go - should have had one put on my Rangie as well as the sill tanks. No problems with availability of gas over here, though travelling through Germany seems to be difficult, almost impossible to find gas last time! Where do I build in a petrol tank?
My DII has a smaller petrol tank + an 80l LPG tank sited where the original petrol tank was.

I'm guessing the LPG tank is 80l as the most it will accept, when empty, is 62/63l. The petrol tank will only take £30 worth of petrol, so is about 30l.


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