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Gettings my doors to work properly.



My doors have definately seen better days.

Firstly, both need a good slam to close. I was made very jealous today by my mates hire car TD5 Defender, which you could breathe on and they'd close and close properly too.
Is this the hinges? They're not THE saggiest I've seen, but still... How much? Easy to do?

Secondly, my drivers door is getting worse and worse... The handle has been falling off for a while (push button type btw) and the unlocking procedure has gone from, pushing hard against the door and turning to the key, to, getting in the back, winding the window down, getting out, pushing against the door whilst pulling the knob up. Getting on my tits now to be honest!
What bits do I need to replace for this? I'm hoping not the barrel/key bit as I don't want to change all my locks! Is it just a new handle? Or new locking mechanism? Or is it related to the fact the door sags anyway?

Another thing to add to the long list of jobs I need to do :(

Im in the same boat and Im pretty sure we are not alone. My mates 91 has the same symptoms, lift the button then pull the handle to ge to get out. I have fiddled about with these things too often, replaced the latch mechanisim(pricey) and with no joy. My one pops the drivers door open if you go above 60mph depending on wind conditions, its like a sort of cabin pressure that forces the door open(yes you may laugh, it lets water in but cant let air out), you get used to it though after 20 or 30 times. My brothers borrow it from time to time when theirs are being repaired and when the door pops it frightens the sugar out of em:D
Yes a total disregard for health and safety, I blame Land Rover, they should have stuck with the lift type handle.
Have you tried adjusting the striker on the door pillar. If you slam the doors too much, it knocks them out of line and they gradually get worse.



  • Door striker.pdf
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I'll have a look at that, cheers. I've always had to slam them to get them closed, so that would probably explain why its getting worse!
I found over time (and a bit of wading!) the linkages dry out and can cause problems with locking and unlocking. The main one is the lever directly behind the button sticks and stops you unlocking the door. A good spray with releasing fluid and a thorough oiling works wonders ;)

I fitted new stiker plates and door seals last year as the nylon had dissintegrated where the catch hits the striker, it made a world of difference plus re-aligning everything stopped all the drafts which is a bonus :D
Funny you should say that Mike, I thought I was doing good last weekend when I sprayed lots of WD40 into the mechanism through the keyhole, and into the mechanism... it seems to have got worse since then! When I get back at the weekend I will try and realign as Christ mentioned.

Out of interest, how much were your door seals? how difficult are they to fit? Mine have almost disentegrated now, in need of some more waterproofing!
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