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Good news and ...not so good

Yesterday we flew through the ITV - spanish version of the MoT test. :)

Registered 2.5 on the opacity diesel test (don't know what the uk limit is, it's 3ish here), after reading all the really useful threads about diesel additives, and chucking in a couple of bottles.

Walked the brakes, transmission brake superb after fitting new rod, so we were feeling bit smug. Lights worked after all our trials refitting the new brake switch.

No visual tests here regardless of age, and rolling road compulsory.:eek:

Guy was obviously racked off, couldn't find anything for a serious fail. Clearly thought we would fail on smoke test as we did last time. :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl: Minor fails you walk with a certificate anyway. So then he says - we think (in Spanish):

"Just one thing, I don't like these padlocks and hasps. For the next test (in six months :eek: ), take them off."

Did he write it down? No. Last time we had to get rid of the bull bar, he didn't like that, but at least he wrote it down. We also had the padlocks on at the time. Next time, is it going to be I don't like the roof rack? Or that big jack you have on there? In fact, I really don't like foreigners driving big 4x4s - classed as a truck (cheap road tax, insurance :p) - that are nearly 20 years old.

I don't think I am any more rascist than the next person in the street, and I try not to assume every slight is a rascist insult. But he really seemed to be trying to find fault with the vehicle. And there is nothing wrong with it. IMHO.

ITV stations here are allegedly independent and do not do garage work. It is literally a testing station. And there are not a lot of them. 40 or 50 kms between each, or more. Yes before you say it, we will travel the extra kms to see what happens somewhere else.

Two questions really. Is the diesel smoke test standard across Europe?? And has anybody had problems with fitting additional security to the outside of the doors, particularly colleagues based in Europe or people who have been travelling abroad for some months. As a final point I should say that we can only get third party insurance for a vehicle more than 10 years old. There is a nominal theft value of a few hundred euros.:eek: :eek: :eek:
Well at least you got the ticket, but can see why you were miffed. I think the smoke limit is 3 for turbodiesels over here. I suppose he is failing the paddlocks and bullbar under the sharp protrusions killing pedestrians rule.
I suppose he is failing the paddlocks and bullbar under the sharp protrusions killing pedestrians rule.

If he could have done that he would have done. :rolleyes:

We had to take the bull bar off - last time - because it wasn't within the overall length of the vehicle (tape measures out and all). It had been perfectly legal in the UK for the previous 20 years, no protusions, no sharp edges, and had also gone through an ITV here on the British registered Series III (so did the hasps and padlocks...).

This time, on the padlocks, it wasn't a fail. The vehicle passed. He didn't even write it down as a warning. Killing pedestrians? They do it all the time here. Every time there is a national fiesta weekend, there is a toll of hundreds of deaths, due in most part to combination of speed, alcohol and drugs. They have only just brought in a points system. I doubt very much they have the sharp protusions rule, but I will ask on a spanish site.

Still, one good thing here is that all drivers have to give cyclists 2m when overtaking. :D :D Totally irrelevant to my whinge but a good rule.
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