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gutless discovery any ideas where to start!!!

chris abell

In Fourth Gear
hi there ive got a 300tdi disco it runs sweet as a nut, no bad knocking or smoking, all seems well with the engine but it is totally gutless untill it hits 2000 rpm and the turbo kicks in, then it,ll go but up hill if it looses momentum and drops below 2000 rpm its a first gear job up hill!!!. this being the first 4x4 ive had are discos fairly crap on low down power or is mine just getting tired, didn,t realise how gutless she was untill we went off roading for the first time at the weekend any ideas of where to start, what to check, test, or replace in my quest for more power from my disco would be much appreciated,. thanks for reading . chris.:eek:
The disco is no rocketship, but should feel reasonably lively through the gears, and pull well in top. But as it's your first, the problem may be with your expectations.

Before you start ripping it to bits, I suggest you blag a drive in another one, and see if its any different, or of course get another disco owner to take yours round the block.

Good luck

Then take the guts out of the cat:D...[Its a particle filter on a deisel]
I think there is something wrong somewhere, it should pull better than that, A steep hill would see you in third at the worst. Have you checked the filter for a start.
As std they are sh*te, 300 has less low down guts than 200 and TD5 is even worse just off tickover.

Give it a good service then look on the LRO site tech section for a post by pistonbroke tells you all you need to know and its all free.

But service it first!

thanks for the replys guys, much appreciated i have started giving it a full service and i had the intercooler off and flushed it out it was quite oiled up and mucky inside, but it seems a little better might just be placebo but ill try some of the other ideas youv,e given me thanks. chris:D
I think the turbo cuts in about 1500-1600. Below that, it's dead. It is even more pronounced in the Td5. Wouldn't swap it for my old NA diesel 90: that was gutless, no matter how fast the engine was spinning.
As Lynall says, a Service. Change the fuel filter and clean out the sedimenter, a new air filter element and start from there. You've done the Intercooler.

It's no use looking to tune the engine until it's had new filters.

i have always put new oil, fuel filters on her every 4 months or 5000 miles since i had her 9 months ago ive done them 3 times, and ive put a snorkel and k+n filter on, but since i serviced her, and put new injector seals on, {i noticed they were leaking yesterday,} and cleaned the intercooler out it does seem to be getting better the more little jobs i do to her, but thanks for your help and ideas guys.........:D
The earlier 300TDi engines had a mechanical EGR valve which would stick open. The results of this is excessive carbon (marmite) build-up in the inlet manifold. The later electronic system wasn't so prone to failure. There's quite a discussion/pictures on this very subject in this link for those of you who are interested:-

Here is just a small antipodean thought from a "disco down under" owner.
My '97 300tdi with just on 200k/km has been used but also looked after. What does annoy me is that P Poor air filter setup. It leaks everywhere like a seive (compared to my 75 series L/C) so every time I take the air inlets off I see (and feel) grit in the pipes. The intercooler was full of it, stuck to the oily surface (well, perhaps not that bad) but enough to make me think that this oily film over the internals is doing what the old oilbath filters did (still have a nice '76, s111 2.25 diesel), that is arrest a lot of muck that would otherwise go through. Of course the UK is not as dusty as Ozz. but I do want this Disco to see me out. Leaving that bit of oily deposit/dust collector in there may just help a wee bit.
She starts with "no glo" in the middle of winter, pulls like a train and returns an average 9.5l/100km. highway use at 100/105kph.
thanks guys ive tried half a dozen of the ideas put forward took her off roading at the weekend and shes running quite a bit better, shes still no rocket ship, but saying that i dont think she ever was or will be.:D but thanks all.chris
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