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The Straw Man

Accelerating Away
Hi, recently when connected with the college network a computer has been trying to hack into mine and mates computers. AntiVirus has told me it's a Portscan attack, and given me the IP address. How can we find out more, I.E. who is doing it??

Cheers all.
Could be anything mate.. but if the address is 192.168.x.x its probably internal and if you point it out to a techy they will find it instantly and the 'hacker' will be in deep poo poo
yeah, if its provided by the college, report it to their helpdesk, they can do something about it from the IP addy and the time. Easy to trace if its internal, if not they are aware of a potential hole.

Worst thing to do is nothing
If tis internal you could open a command prompt and type 'Net send 192.168.x.x Unothorised access detected, please wiat for the network admin to arrive'

Then wait to see who bolts out the door :p (i think thats the command, going back to my college days now)
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