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Hand brake help please.Boring I know.200TDi disco.


Have had all the guts renewed on my hand brake.It was sticking on because the actuator was siezed,I had a new one fitted along with new shoes.The hand brake was still no good so I got a new cable which improved matters to the point where I have now got a useable hand brake.BUT it still travels too far.Do they all have a lot of travel.The adjuster for the cable has a long bit of thread,does anyone know which side there should be more thread showing. ie more showing towards drum or more showing away from the drum.It was raining when I put the cable on and I was in a bad mood so I didn't experiment.
Probably no help to you (apart from getting others to revisit this thread! :rolleyes:), but my handbrake has lots of travel in it, and has done since I bought the car. It has passed one MoT since then, although that might just mean I have a mickey mouse MoT tester, which, judging by their last service, could well be the truth! :frown2:
When you adjust a cable, there are 2 types of adjustment.

One has the thread on the inner cable and a fixed length outer, you wind the nut down the thread so it comes out the nut, that makes the inner cable shorter

The other type has the thread on the outer cable and a fixed length inner, such as the Discovery, that type you wind the nut towards the end of the cable, that makes the outer longer.

Right bear with me now,you know I am slow on the uptake.:).I have a fixed inner cable.
I have done it so the nuts are at the end and the hand brake is sloppy,so I need to adjust it more to the begining of the thread to make the outer cable tighter.
Something like the Discovery, follow the cable from the brake, there is a nut under the floor/cubby box area. Turn it clockwise, the outer exposes more thread.

I have a similar problem do you mean that I turn the 2 nuts just outside the drum on the cable towards the drum to slack the inner cable or away from the drum?
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