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Head Gaskets gone again


Accelerating Away
My 1994 3.9 ES disco with sequential LPG had new head gaskets fitted in aug 06 due to water loss and air bubbles in the header tank plus pressurisation. Has been fine until a couple of weeks ago when it started missing and losing water again. It has had new coil, dizy cap, rotor arm, leads and plugs with no difference to the missfiring.(does it on petrol and gas) It is going back to the same garage who did the gaskets to take the heads off again. There was no slipped liner when last done just a break in the gasket to a waterway. Now seeing as it is missing im guessing that it has gone between two cylinders and possibly by a waterway again. It is a bitt iffy about the heads beeing skimmed as one mecanic said they were done and another said they were okay and wern't done. Also they didn't replace the head bolts which are stretch bolts and i have been told they need changing by another garage. Any ideas???? Also am I being reasnable in not expecting to pay again for this job??
I'd be very concerned about not replacing the stretch bolts - they are there for a reason and cannot be reused.

I've just done the head gaskets on my series II disco 4.0 (with sequential LPG and same symptoms of air and pressure in the coolant system :)). When I took the old bolts out they were between 1 and 2 mm longer than the new bolts - the tightening instructions are quite explicit - tighten head bolts to 20Nm in diagonal sequence, then each by 90degrees then finally each by another 90degrees in same diagonal sequence - and with the old bolts I don't think you'd get the same strength seal between the block and the head - which is probably why the gasket has failed again.

Looking at the workshop manuals for the 4.0v8 against the 3.9v8, the 3.9 one doesn't explicitly specify that new bolts should be used (the 4.0 manual does), but I can't believe a decent garage wouldn't use new bolts when doing the same job. I would personally be very reluctant to pay for the job if I knew for sure that they reused the old bolts - I only paid £25 for mine and I bet garages can get them much cheaper, so i just isn't worth the risk.
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