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General Headlight wiring. A better way to get light.


Big Landy Fan
Each headlight has a connector for the bulb.
Fit a bulb into the connector and hold the bulb in your hand looking at the back of the connector with the middle terminal at the top.
Left hand terminal==Earth.Black wire
Top terminal========Dip beam.Blue red tracer.
Right hand terminal=Mainbeam.Blue white tracer.

Headlight wiring circuit.Provides dip at all times.Fuses to protect the wiring in case of accident damaging headlights.
You will need.
Two 70amp relays R70 from Vehicle Wiring Products.
Suitable correct colour coded cable of at least 29/0.030 wire of the required length for each of the headlight circuits.
Cable at least 44/0.30 Brown for the feed to the relay.
cable at least 44/0.30 black to earth the headlight bulb.
cable 14/0.30 to earth the relays.
Fuse box for spade type fuses,one fuse for each bulb element.
Lucar connectors to suit both the fuse box and the relay.
Connectors for the feed to the relay.
Fit both the fuse box andthe relays in a suitable position.
Make up a small loom,one dip one main beam[assuming two headlights]one earth.
Take the earth to the body/chassis.
take the dip wire to the fuse box and connect.
Take the main beam wire to the fuse box and connect.
Repeat for the other side.
You should now have the headlights wired into the fuse box.
As we are using the 70 amp relay.take a large lucar connector and join TWO wires into that connector for the dip circuit,make that wire a suitable length to go from the relay to the fuse box.
Repeat for the other light.
You should now be wired from the relay to the headlight.
Take TWO lengths of Brown wire fron either,the starter solenoid or the battery master switch.What ever is convienent,one wire to each of the relays useing the othe large terminal.
Earth both relays.
Cut the ORIGINAL headlight connector off the Original headlight wiring and fit a Lucar connector to both the dip and main beam wires.
Fit fuses.
It should now work.

I haven't given the relay connector numbers.That information MUST be supplied with the relay.

To have the dip switched on permantly.

Remove the shroud from the steering column.
Comming up the column is a cluster of wires.
The Blue wire is the headlight feed to the switch.
Te Blue with a red tracer is the dip feed from the dipswitch.
Cut both these wires and join together.I use a bullet connector but you can now get a proper Lucar block connector.
Please try this with test wirs before cutting the wires.

You can also do the same thing useing a relay.PM me if you would like me to sort this method out.

Get out bit.....
I've given you this information to the best of my ability.This is the method I've used on four of my rally cars and most of my road cars.Please use a fused link to check everything works before reconnecting the battery.

headlight wiring.jpg

This is how mine is fitted to the inside of the left front wing.

The two brown wires are the live feed from the starter motor terminal

The spiral wrapped wires are the feeds from the old headlight connector to trigger the relays.

The wire comming out of the front of the fuse box [on the right of the picture] are the wires to each headlight.

The relay to the front of the picture
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