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How Do I? heater matrix (disco)


First Gear
ok i have a failed heater matrix aboard my k plated disco v8, the whole job is estimated@ £1000, i have fitted a heater matrix before to a vw golf, found it hard, but possible, if anyone knows of an old thread , or have done this job themselves and wouldnt mind giving me a quick readthrough!!! i would be very very warm in these winter months!!!!! help please...thanks
Had to do this on a 300TDi. It was damned time consuming and I can easily see why you would be getting an estimate of £1000. Can't remember much detail now, it was about 6 years ago. I took both seats out and I reckon that this made the job much easier as it created a stack of space, only got around to putting carpets back in a few months back when I sold it.

300 series has a much big moulding so I would expect that it should be easier for you. Can't give detailed advice, but it is all perfectly achieveable if you take your time. If you have a digital camera available, take photos of heater linkages etc as you go.

Best of luck
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