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Hello from Dublin


In Third Gear
Hello All,

Another Ireland-based Landy fan signing on.
Looking at buying my first "old" Landy this week! Fingers crossed :)
The options currently seem to be a rather nice Series 11a or a circa 1991 Disco. I've been doing my research on the Series over the past few months but don't know much about the Discos so all comments welcome. In particular I'm keen to hear how much trouble the computer-based elements are in comparison to the "screwdriver and hammer" mechanics of the series.
I must admit to having my heart set on the Series but was a bit disappointed last week when I finally got around to getting insurance quotes. Because of the age I can only get classic insurance of some sort (apparently) which limits various things depending on the insurance company involved. They range from:
1. Limit of 4k miles per year, but allow towing.
2. Limit of 3.5k miles per year, but NO TOWING!
3. Limit of 5k miles per year but must also have a private domestic vehicle insured.
My plan was to have a vintage as a daily driver but this doesn't seem possible in Ireland at this time. I'd love someone to prove me wrong!!

Anyway, this was just meant to be an inroduction. I'm usualyy much cheerier than this ;)

Best regards,
Hello and Welcome!

If you go for a Disco... a commercial would be a better option for Ireland correct? I'm bringing my Stage One out to Kerry next year.
Thank you so much for all the welcomes. Always nice to get a friendly response!
I must admit to really wanting the Series, but the limited mileage (insurance company mandated!) is not a real option for the next year or two. We're doing a self-build (bricks and mortar) project on the west coast so mileage will easily be over 10k a year.
The disco+trailer should do the work nicely, but won't feed the soul the way a Series could :)
As fate would have it the Series I've found is a nice truck but I can't imagine finding the budget to go from owning NO Landy to owning TWO Landys!

Best regards,
Some nice places in Clare...Ballyvaughan is nice as I remember, great seafood restaurant. I met my wife in Clare, at Durty Nellie's!

We're building in West Kerry. I love Ireland. Great place.
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