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In Second Gear
Hi, I hope someone can help. I have a '99 Discovery TD5. A couple of weeks ago a friend drove it and said the brakes felt a bit 'spongy', however, I drove it the next day and didn't feel they were any different from normal. Yesterday I took it out, put my foot on the brakes and had loads of play in the pedal before anything happened and the car VERY gradually slowed and pulled hard to the left, I hadn't gone very far so drove it home after stopping and the handbrake/brake fluid light came on. I've never checked the level of fluid before (oops!) but it was well below minimum. I topped up to max this evening took the car for a mile test drive & back and the brakes are still very poor & pulling left. Having had a quick check of the discs after my drive I noticed that the off side rear disc has surface rust but was pretty hot, the nearside front disc was also very hot and the offside front & nearside rear were stone cold. I haven't checked the fluid level again since returning (it's too dark out there to see!) Could this just be pads? (Fingers very tightly crossed!) Thanks in advance for any help you can give a damsel in distress!!
No, and no noise as far as I can tell over the engine. I can't get my head around why one front & one rear disc is cold and one rear & one front hot, and also why the fluid was so low, although as I said I've had it a year & never checked it, V bad! The brakes still work at the end when applied hard.
The brake system is split diagonally, see the attached schematic.

Thus you will get opposite sides/corners heating at the same time



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As Peter says, the hot ones are the ones that are working. You need to check the others and their system for fluid loss.

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