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HELP ongoing problem with vibrating freelander 20L xedi


Accelerating Away
my freelander has a on going problem with vibrating it vibrates through the prop to the rear wheels. at the start of the problem i took it to my landrover specialist they said the vcu was broken so a replaced the vcu that did not fix it so i have replaced every singel bush on the freelander but it is still their i have changed all the oils in the gear box the ird the diff all the old oil i drained off was of normal cuolor i have looked at the drive shafts and their is no play on them wheel bearings track rod ends all ok i have notist the clutch is relesing nearly at the top so dont no if their is a prob with the clutch .the freelander seems to vibrate more in second and third gear but i get no vibrating when i am crusing in forth and fith it vibrates badly when going up hill in second gear and another thing i put a 50mm lift kit on the freelander and the problem seems to have stemd from their i think even though it ran ok for a few weeks after i put the lift kit on i like my freelander it was nice to drive and it is very good off road and economic on fuel dont realy want to get rid of it not after all the work i have dun on it any help would be most helpful thanx for looking
Since it follows on from fitting the lift kit, then I would suggest that something you altered then has caused it.
Since you have altered the angle that the drive shaft joints now work at, could that be the problem?
I have the same prob and have put it down to drive shaft angles been vibrating for a year now since lift not caused anyother probs.
i am going to remove the rear prop shaft and c if the problem could be on the front or the rear. celtic 4x4 says no one els has had any probs with the lift kits. it was runing nice and smooth for the first few weeks after fitting the lift kit . was going to remove the prop to day but its to wet to going under the freelander to day . i have noted that the vibration is destroying the rear diff bushes gon through 2 sets since august
since fitting the lift kit i have not put bigger tyers on if i fit the 215- 80 x15 will the angels of the drive shafts be differant or will they still be the same:p
I have already tryed removeing front and rear props and made no difference Its had a new clutch due to it it slipping and all bushes have been checked and ok ive even changed one of the drive shafts but cant remerber which one and still not found the fault of the vibration.
think i might remove the lift kit and c what happens . i will never be abel to sel the freelander with it vibrating like that + the vibrating might wreck the ird .:p
Bigger wheels won't make any difference, the shaft is going to the centre of the wheel.

The CVs could be the problem. I do remember jacking up a Hydrolastic suspension car, probably an 2200 Morris or Princess, and it rattled very badly, let it down and it was OK.

The CVs had made a slight track on the outer part, the balls were clicking on the edge.

If you let it down and the noise goes, the drive shaft joints are the problem.

if it is the lift kit that is giving me all the problems how do i fix without removing the kit. Do i change all the cv joints or not:eek: as i would like to keep the lift kit on for offroading:D
You won't notice the noise if you spin the wheels, it's when under load that the noise happens.

If you try lowering it and the noise goes, then look to the shafts.

i was just looking on the forum and i found an old post and the prob was the same as mine . and i never thought of checking the cv joint on the prop shaft :D
i have now removed the lift kit and the shaking has gon for now whats the largest 15 inch tyres i can fit to a standerd hight freelander:(
hi,i have just brought a freelander with the exact same problem as your,s and started too eliminate parts the same as you ..can,t thank you enough seems you will save alot of people alot of money.. where will i locate this lift kit on mine if i have it on mine, thanx................ keith:)
it seems that with my freelander had been lifted by 2 inches and it was making the drive shafts distort running at to acute angel now it is back to its standerd hight it is runing smooth if your freelander has been fited with a lift kit you will finde it on your strut tops :)
hi,just stripped the plastics back in the boot to reveal strut tops,not sure exactly what im looking for ,is it some kind of spacer ,will it be right on top or will i have to take the strut all way off to reveal it, ?? thanx
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