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help: started working on the head gasket but stuck

Ed Cheung

Accelerating Away
Just started on taking off parts on the engine for the head gasket job. Unplug all injectors wires, unplugs the fuel line and the fuel return line, throttle wires assemble, some hose, and the 12 bolts that hold the plenum to the block, but still uuable to pull the plenum off the engine. Try to push it from left to right, there is some play in it but it will not come out, my guess is the gasket seal previously used.
Folks, any trick to get it off nice and easy??

If you have taken the 6 Allen bolts out of the Plenum Chamber and the 6 bolts out of the Ram Housing, it should come away, Ed.

Check right at the back, there are sometimes pipe clamps bolted on the housing.

not meaning too hijack the thread too much, but does the engine need to be removed too replace the cylinder head and gasket? or can i do it while the engine is still in the car?
No Luke, it's a bit tight getting the exhaust manifolds off on some vehicles, but the Heads are no problem.

Thanks for your help. Sorry, my 1st post is somewhat misleading, I am trying to take the whole plenum assemble (with the intake manifold) off the valley gasket without taking off the intake system piece by piece. Is this possible? Right now the 12 x 13mm bolts that hold the intake manifold were off, the 2 bolts on each lower end of the valley gasket is off as well. With the "clamps" at each end of the valley gasket that hold it to the block being taken off, the intake system along with valley gasket should not have any more bolts that hold it with the block so I am ready to pull it right out of the engine, right?

Once the fuel pipes and heater pipes are disconnected, the whole lot should just lift off, Ed.

I take the Plenum and Ram Housing off, it doesn't take long and it's easier to get the whole thing back together again. You ned to re align the heads with the intake manifold before you torque them down, so I would strip the parts off.

Chris, got your point, the plenum gets in the way when putting things back together, so it need to be taken off sooner or later. We will see how much trouble will I get into. thanks!:)
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