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Help with rear door handle/lock


In Third Gear
Hi everyone,

I have only been the owner of my first Landy for three days, and within the first 24 hrs have my first problem! Mrs DB has kindly managed to close the rear door and lock it so successfully that it will not open.
Due to the vehicle being fitted with a dog guard, I have just spent the last two hours leaning in from the side window (don't ask how that got openend) and have succesfully removed the offending handle and latch assembly. The rear door is now only secured by stretchy luggage bungee thing.
It does not appear that the handle assembly is easily disassembled in order to free-up whatever is stuck in the wrong place.
My question is therefore; is it worth persisting in trying to fix this one or will it inevitably require a replacement?

Any one got any helpfull comments/advice from their own experiences with this high-tech LR security?

Many thanks in anticipation.
What was the falult? Was the handle not moving like it was locked, or was it moving but not opening the door? Either way the design is very simple inside so you could have a look see. There are 4 or 5 rivets holding it together that can be easlily removed. The most common fault is the little spring but normally failure of that mskes it reluctant to stay locked. Possibly that broke and the debris jammed it somehow.
Replacements are available on ebay but will leave you with the problem of a different key unless you can swap the barrel over. You might be better off getting the replacement mechanism but swapping in new bits from it into the old one. You can rivet the thing back up easily but can't use pop rivets as they need to be countersunk on the side against the door. Instead use No 6 woodscrews as rivets and file off the excess.
Hi baz,

The problem was that the door was locked. So the handle would lift but only 2/3 way up, without opening the door (normal for when door locked). The key would insert fully but would not turn in either direction.
However, with patience ( as I said before, I managed to get the damned thing off) and lots of tapping blowing general cleaning and then WD40 I managed to rattle it back into life.
Not sure what happened but it now works again.
I suspect though that this problem will reoccur but at least I have bought myself some time to find spares. Maybe Mrs DB needs discouraging from using my Landy (Linda) but then she was only taking my dog out for a run when this happened!
All back together now, but I know from previous owner that this is not an original door so I already have the inconvenience of different keys.
If it happens again I will may-be try opening up the mechanism.
would the rivets drill out easily? My garage/workshop facilities are very basic!
Anyway panic over! (till next time) Meanwhile Thanks for the coments
If the key goes in but won't turn it is worn key or poor key copy not lining up the pins very well. So it wouldn't help opening it up unless you are changing the barrel.
The rivets are quite soft, just need to make a center pop dead center to alingne the drill nicely.
The rear door lock on the Defender is not a servicable item. About twenty quid I believe but don't quote me on that.
However as has been said the rivets are easily drilled out and replaced with countersunk screws and nuts.
Be aware of the spring flying when you take thigs apart. I didn't get my spring back correctly but hey the door shuts and locks.
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