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help! I just replaced a rear corner flashing and the lights but now i got no indicators.

i conected each wire one at a time with the old ones, so they are 110% right. And they did work for about 5 seconds. So now i have no indicators at all, not the lights on the dash or the clicker. The bulb is okay, and the others havent gone because there isnt the rapid flashing. Its not the fuse or any other fuse.
So could the relay have gone? Its a real real pain now because where am i gona get a relay from on a sunday. or could the stork have gone in some way? I had noticed a couple of weeks back it dosnt flash the full beams.

But why would changing the rear lights blow the relay or the stork?
Hmm. Bring the indicator relay (its stashed behind the fuse box, you can quite easily get it out) and stick it inside for a few hours. A little bit of moisture tits those things up. That's the only thing I can think of, you never know :/
Well i got the flasher relay out. See if it might dry out or somthing but i think its gone. Cant realy tell buy looking at it.

Now i think about it....the hazard fuse had blown, and the hazard are part of the indicators so what does this mean? they dont work even with a new fuse. Lots of ideas but i cant make sense of it. Arghh

Where could i pick up a relay from on a sunday? Would halfrauds have a similar part? Would the parts department at lookers landrover be open?
Check the actual hazard switch. You may find it's fell to bits. I had the same thing and started looking at the difficult end (relay & indicator stalk) only to find the complete looking hazard switch had fell to bits. i'd never used it so didn't suspect it.

my hazard switch is a bit dodgy but would that suddenly be a problem when i change the light? Was your problem with the indicators before you discoverd the broken hazard switch?
It can strike at anytime. I had not touched the switch at all, ever. I just seemed to have sprung apart on its own. I hadn't thought of it until a mate said to have a look at it.

well...the stork is £70 the hazard switch is £40 and the relay is £22. lol
im sure the britpart ones are cheeper (would need to be quite a bit cheeper)
Part NumberYUF101490
Retail Price£44.39 inc. VAT (£37.78 exc. VAT) Genuine part
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That's a nice picture of a green dot.:D

i'll take your word for the prices. I only bought mine last summer, but i suppose places vary.

relay is working. By putting a very big 35a fuse in the hazard fuse all the indicators work except the one i put in. When its not earthed atall it acts light the bulb is blown, when it is earthed the screw gets vey hot. i have tried putting a straight earth to the chassis and it still dosnt work.

So there is a short because it only works with a massive fuse.

also for some reason the alarm which i thought didnt work started to work (again dependant on the hazzard fuse).

Im gona cry in a corner and hope it all goes away.
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