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here is my answer to Britain's congested roads.


Extreme Landy Fan
see these idiots who think their fog lamps are really their headlamps?
you know the ones , the fog lamps + side lamps = safer driving?
these people are clearly unfit to hold a license , they cant even switch on their lights properly.
take their license off them and thats a good 25 percent less cars on the road.:) job done , everyones happy.

but why stop there? thers the 'i cant use a roundabout brigade' and not to mention the 'isn't the far right lane on the motorway the i can go really fast lane regardless of whether or not the other lanes are free from traffic' crew. then thers the 'the middle lane on a motorway is safest' nobs.

really , with just these few, if we removed these people from our roads we would have at least 35% less traffic which means less traffic jams and less congestion.:)
now that is progressive driving (or aggresive!) I wondered how he would deal with the bus a quick bump up be backside.
I wish we could do that hear it would make driing in aberdeen fun!!:D
to be fair , if there were a load of iraq soldiers driving around london in an armoured hummer , liberating us from the clutches of blair and bush , bumping cars off the road as they went i for one would be a little peeved at them.
saying that though , ive seen some people driving some of these 'people carriers' on a school run with almost the same driving style as those soldiers in the film.
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