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Heritage Motor Centre Certificate


Accelerating Away
I've got a 'Certified Copy of a Factory Record' for my Land Rover. Apart from a few dates and a few numbers 'not recorded' it also gives a 'Label (line) number' in my case no. 89
What does this mean?
I guess this is all there is to find about the history of my 109 or are there other registers?

Nope... It is a (very late) Series 2A 109 Stawag, 6 Cilinder petrol, 12 seater... build on 22nd of April 1971 (ok, apart from the doorhinges and dashboard and grille it is almost a Series 3 ;) )
I already found a bit on it's history at the Series 2 forum, but I haven't asked this question there yet..


ok, here's the history of it, as far as I know...

From the Heritage Motor Centre Certificate I know it was delivered from Solihull to Colliers Landrover in Birmingham on the 23rd of April 1971.
Later it was serviced by Laugthon Goodwin & Co. (Georgestreet , Kidderminster, phone 2255 -6 -7) according to the small plate on the dashboard. As far as I know this company no longer exists.

In 1997 it was exported to The Netherlands, changed to LHD and fitted with a LPG system. It was sold twice since then. I'm the third Dutch owner.

With some help of the 'RDW' (Dutch DVLA) I got the original registration;

GUY600J (Worcestershire, 1971)

The DVLa-site returns;

Date of Liability 01 11 1995
Date of First Registration 03 05 1971
Year of Manufacture Not Available
Cylinder Capacity (cc) 2628CC
CO2 Emissions Not Available
Fuel Type Petrol
Export Marker Not Applicable
Vehicle Status Unlicensed
Vehicle Colour BLUE

I have applied for a list of previous owners at the DVLA, but so far I haven't received anything yet...
So if anyone has any info, let me know...

cheers Harro
Have a look under the landrover. Often stuffed between the floor support rails and the floor is the factory build sheet. Two or three of my series III's have had this, gives you the date or build and every optional extra to be installed. Quite interestng, for example one was a 1976 hardtop ordered with deluxe seating, seat adjusters, full height rear door etc etc.
ok, that's interesting... never heard of that before... any place particular? Under the floorplate of the rear seats?
Get under the landrover and have a poke around above the axle. there are a couple of reinforcing crosspieces to support the rear floor and by build record was stuffed between the support and the floor. I only came across mine when I cut the landrover up to scrap it, but have since found one in my other series 3 also.
Ok, I'll check... I know the first one from the front (directly under the seat) is replaced, but I'll check the others...

Cheers Harro

Just wonder how many people from this forum crawl around under their Land Rovers right now... :D
Ok, got mail from the DVLA!
The vehicle was in Pershore, defford rd (owner Mr. Bowle) from 1971 to 1977.
Greenford,Ruislip rd (Mr. Buhl, 1977 - 1979)
Sudbury Wembley, Watford rd (Mr. Harvey, 1979 - 1985)
Brentford, Breamar rd (Mr. Saunders, 1985 - 1986)
Wallington, Hermes wy (Mr. Rogers, 1986 - 1995)
after that is was sold twice before it came to the Netherlands. According to the DVLA register the original engine no. was 34522939B, the current engine is 34515286B, which I guess is just a bit older, this explains the year 1969 on the engine... so it is not the original engine anymore...

I still hope to find any of the previous owners, maybe they can give me some additional info on the vehicle... and maybe they like to know where their car went after they sold it... :)
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