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Hey there


Shifting Up
I'm from the West Midlands and have an 88'' Series III, it's my first car, and I don't yet have a (full) driving license, but I have driven her.

I first liked Land Rovers (old ones mind.. don't care for these Discos/Freelanders/etc) because my uncle has a 109'' Series III, but it's knackered. I was going to buy it but the chassis was so far gone it wasn't worth it. I'm only a poor student.

Anyway, saw a Land Rover described with a good chassis but a non-runner for £500 in the autotrader I think it was, so I went to look and it was in good overall condition except the engine (which I knew), so we towed it back and I was the proud new owner of a lump of steel and alu!

Anyway, found a local Land Rover specialist (greasy mechanic, with no office and obviously an enthusiast -- the best kind of mechanic!) and he got me a 2.5 ex-army engine, which he fitted for me. It has gone through the MOT aswell, but there are many things wrong with it that I need to fix. The speedo is stuck on 40MPH ever since we drove it home on the motorway, the chassis really needs waxoyl or some kind of protection, the footwells are knackered (bulkhead perfect condition though), need a new driver's door, new seats (these are ripped quite badly), and new front leaf springs for sure. The electrics are a bit on-and-off too!

I'd like to do much to it but I think first priority is getting my license, between university lectures it won't be easy but I want to be driving this thing before the summer time when I can drive it to see friends! How great will it be turning up in this beast!

Anyway I have already spent hours upon hours browsing this site and I have already learnt some really interesting information! Long may it continue.

- Tom
Afternoon Tom:bigwave:

Whats the Reasoning behind Brixton?

Your speedo's not stuck, thats the top end,lol
Welcome buddy.. Series III are my favorite i think :)
Mine too, but I quite like the 2A's except for the gearbox!

Afternoon Tom:bigwave:

Whats the Reasoning behind Brixton?

Your speedo's not stuck, thats the top end,lol
Morning Alane, brixton stems from an online game that I use to play 'professionally' (yes, I am a nerd. I do Computer Science at Birmingham University), and I was called briton (as I am British) but someone called me brixton accidentally. That was it so I changed my online handle. Anyway, then I wanted a top-level domain, but obviously brixton.com, .org, .net, etc were all taken as Brixton is a London Borough. I emailed the admins of each, and the owner of brixton.org was a professor at a university, and we had a long email chat and eventually he just gave me brixton.org, very lucky considering he said a reseller offered him a 5-figure sum for it!

The landie had obviously not been over 40MPH for many years so when we were whizzing (VERY noisily) up the M5, the speedo couldn't take it! I have ordered a replacement though, £10 which is a bargain.

By the way, I bet now you wish you hadn't asked me about the reasoning behind brixton!

Let`s see it then ;) oh & hello & welcome to the forums from a Disco owner :D
Disco owner! I don't know if I should show you the pics!

But here is the only picture I have, half way through towing her down.


which part of brum and who's the landy mechanic......ADA
I'm from Quinton, on the edge between Birmingham and Halesowen. The mechanic is 'One-armed Mick' (he literally has 1 arm), from 4W Motors in Forshaw Heath, just off the M42.

Thanks for all the welcomes! Phew, what a mammoth post.
Shame about the Defender front end (and thats coming from a Defender owner!), and you really should have unhitched the tow rope for the piccie, and opened your eyes perhaps. Anyway, welcome to the forums.
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