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Hole in the ozone??


I have seen circles around the moon before, but this morning about 10 o'clock I saw a circle that went about half-way round the sun. Strange, I told my daughters it was the hole in the ozone. Hard to photograph as the sun was very bright.

Also one of the Rio Chico at sunrise.


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A natural phenomena, see explanation here.

Keith Hart

Thank you for the link. I would never have thought of ice crystals! it was 90ºF. But the circle/halo was very high, much colder at that altitude. My girls liked the "hole in the ozone" idea. :rolleyes:

Quote (Can't find the "brackets" Spanish keyboard:eek: )

I really like the picture of Rio Chico at sunrise. It reminds me of a few reasons why I bought a land rover. (Quote)

Thanks, I was out early, playing with my new camera. Still learning!!
It's definitely not a hole in the ozone layer. I've always known them as "Moon Dogs" or "Sun Dogs".

Now this is wierd...

I've attached two photographs taken on my mobile phone. The first was taken on 3rd November 2005 at in Tupuito northern Mozambique, and the second was taken a year later on the 9th November 2006, but in Luanda, Angola, 3025km away. The wetaher at both locations was hot (30C to 35C) and humid.

I wonder if it was the second one was the same one that Michelle saw? It was taken at 11h23, but I can't remember if that was Angolan or SA time. The difference is one hour.


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Marc - may have been part of the same system. Mine was taken 11 November 2006, and by then it could well have moved toward Cape Town. Around 11 in the morning too.
Hi Panama,

Nice pics, we get those alot up here in the winter. They call them sun dogs in these parts. Only seen them when its been fairly cold though.
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