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How Do I? How do I clean the fuel tank out?


Hi guys,

I've had an old problem rear its ugly head.

Its on a 93 110 200Tdi. Every now and again, especially after some hard acceleration, the engine will be starved of fuel and won't rev out.

1st time I put a bit more fuel in (thought I was running out) and it was OK afterwards, 2nd time had all the lines blown through and had a new lift pump and fuel filter fitted, yesterday I limped home and blew the pickup line though with lung power and its now OK.

I suspect crud in the tank is blocking the line, so how do I go about flushing the tank? Is there any reasonable way to do it with the tank in place?
How well can it be cleaned what with the internal baffles getting in the way and the relatively small apertures?
Do I use water or diesel to flush it?
Anybody got any ideas please?
Drop a piece of chain in and drive it for a week or two and have fun blowing the lines out while you are doing it. This breaks up a lot fo the silt and crud that builds up in the tank.

POR 15 sell a good fuel tank restoration kit but it isn't necessarily the cheapest. In the kit you get their cleaner which is great at removing all the varnish and crud. You end up with a very clean tank. You then apply an acid etch solution that converts any corrosion that remains into inert something or other. It also ensures the sealer adheres well. FInally they give yo ua tin of sealer that lines the tank. It will seal any pin hole leaks and prevents further corrosion.

If you stand any chance of succes all that needs to be done with the tank off the truck.
Thanks greenmeanie. That sounds like a comprehensive kit. I know a place that does por15 paint nearby, I'll ask if they have this kit also, and how much. Not only is it a tank off job (I'm more worried about the cruddy fasteners on the anti-roll bar and tow hitch stays), it sounds like it might take a week for all those coatings to dry off. I better get on with restoring the mini.
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