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how much do series two/three bulkheads cost?

don't know but yes, S2 stronger and better IMHO, try decent second-hand

why do you want one in your defender - are you trying to get a bit of everything?

what's with the new avatar - dorian?
I think there's a guy in the UK making new ones from scratch very faithfully to the originals. I think they cost about £500.

The SII and SIII bulkheads are quite different, principally on the interior - the SIII has a plastic facia and instrument panel similar to your 90, while the SII has an integral full width steel parcel tray and centre instrument panel more like the SI. The bonnet hinges and winscreen brackets are also incompatible.
craddocks list them at 610 quid but its listed as a 'bulkhead' part No 345879 but the part is called a dash panel assembly so it might not be the same part.
bit pricey that eh?
That galvy bulkhead has had me salivating! However, most of the cars I have ever owned cost less. I am repairing my S11a "dash panel" and while the repair sectons are all too thin and incorrect in detail they will do fine on my old truck.

Last weekend had two days of decent weather so I managed one on the Landy:( and got lots done. There is probrably half a days work to do, so should only ake another two weeks:rolleyes:
It`s a lot of money for not very much. I can understand the guy wanting £500 to make one though. He won`t make that much on them if he`s basicaly making them by hand.

Actually if the big demand was there and you gave the contract to a Chinese company, these bulkheads would be no more than £300 at a guess.

It`s another job for the welder when you have the bulkhead out. Abit of time and as good as new. Slight distortion problems but they all muscle in eventually.
I think new S111 bulkheads are availale for £250 or so and there are maybe not enough S11 vehicles in need of or with rich enough owners to make an exact reproduction bulkhead viable.
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