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How Do I? how should oil flow through an oil cooler.

hot at the top ;) I think it's top down...but then your oil cooler is horizontal so i dont think it's really gonna make much diffrence is it?? My dad always said, rule of thumb...like air when it's hot it goes up....cold comes down.:confused::confused::confused:no idea what tf he was talking about :D
Car rads work hot in the top, heaters work hot in the bottom. Helps keep them free of air.

I suppose there are 2 schools of thought. In at the top would flow quicker, with gravity, then probably drain when it's standing. In at the bottom would make sure it's always full and would flow slower, so better cooling.

Interesting to see other opinions. Mine ran horizontal, as that's the only way it would fit.

Mines vertical me thinks.. Fitted std by mod.. Ill take a look at which way round its plummed shortly.. its parked outside!
Mine apears to be bottom warm top cool. Its fed from drivers side of the block into the bottom of the oil cooler, and then runs from the top of the cooler into the sump.

Hope thats helpful.
thanks guys , i would have thought it would be bottom to top as well so as to prevent air locking and to make sure the cooler is full at all times , not much pressure in there eh?
my cooler only has 4-5 'levels' in it and its about 2 1/2 foot long but it still has top and bottom flow and return pipes.
The oil feed is taken from quite low in the block, so If your leaning that much your oil cooler is going to be the least of your problems :p
Mine had an adapter on the oil filter housing. It screwed onto the oil filter normal position and the filter screwed to that, so all the oil went through the cooler.
That posed another question. Do I send it through the filter, then the cooler, to the engine, or cooler to the filter, then engine?

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