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I am about to bid on EBAY


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OK folks, been floggin' stuff on Ebay for a while now, but, I am bidding on a book and it finishes in just over one hours time and I ain't bought off Ebay before and it is getting all scary and exciting and things:eek:

So do I just bung a bid in 5 minutes before the end or what:rolleyes:

cheers, Tim
Personally I just sling in my max bid whenever i see something and leave it at that... Unless there is something I really want, then I may hang about and up my bid as it comes to the end!
So do I just bung a bid in 5 minutes before the end or what:rolleyes:

cheers, Tim

two ways to do this Tim , bid your total amount (the most you want to pay) and wait , hopefully no one will out bid you , or wait for the final minute then bid the most you want to pay.

only when other people bid , if you take the first option , will the amount you end up paying rise unless you are out bid.

the second option could lead to a bidding war in which case be carefull , you might end up paying more than you first wanted to just to 'win' the item.

personally i usually go for the first option , i give myself a budget and stick to it.
If it's something I really want, I will wait until literally the last second. I usually wait until 15 seconds left and then calmly enter my max bid, by the time it has been processed there is usually just 3 or 4 seconds left and does not give anybody else time to outbid you.

Of course I have had times when my internet connection has gone slow or the computer crashes at the last second, but it rarely happens.
Well it is currently £5.51 so we are hardly talking big money so I reckon I will just bung a bid in of 9 quid in the last couple of mins, so, with £1 p&p it will make a nice round 10 pounds:)

cheers, Tim
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