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I want one of these

They say they are going to be offering plans for four models.

Don't know which one I want to have a go at first.


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i've got the plans for a TOYLANDER one here and i've been promising the eldest who was 4yrs old then (now 7), to get it built. That now as got me going and gonna find time to have a go..
I want to make one too, not sure if I will buy plans to follow or just go with my own plan in my head!!

My boy is only 4mths, I would like to think I will have one made for him by the time he is 7 or 8.

We sell electric bicycles (and very small, little motor bikes! well used to so we have loads of spares) so I was thinking of using an electric bike motor and controls as they are very good, have a range of 35+miles and go at a fair speed and a bit easier for a kid to use.

I was thinking of making a seperate metal chassis and then mounting a wooden body on top, the toylander has no seperate chassis. I just prefer making stuff from metal.

But first of all, I have been commisioned to make something interesting from these parts, that is useful in the garden but powered, cant really say too much more in case I want to patent the design.
kids that age should be running around and building up their muscles and bones. This sort of thing seems fun but will turn them into lard asses. Also looks like they were messing up a public park. that's all we need, noisey little b**** s roaring round the parks .
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