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I went for an oil change, came home with a broken propshaft....


Accelerating Away
Hi all,
yesterday another LR fanatic helped me with oil change and checkups. I told him about a strange noise coming from the handbrake drum, only there when gearing up from 2-3-4-5. It took him five seconds to find out that my front propshaft, or shall i say the 'spider', had died. No grease to be found in a million miles! The damage was that bad that I need a new front propshaft.

What are your ideas about a new propshaft. A standard one or should i go for something more fancy for heavy off roading? I try to go off-road once a month on average terrain.

Thanks for your input!
if it's just the spider you can replace these yourself with a G-clamp..No need for a new one.


If the internal splines of the shaft also have a lot of play then yes you'll need a new one..
I suspect Toro is looking for any excuse to by an uprated prop:D
Wouldnt mind a couple myself, standard ones dont seem to last on my old 90.
the spider was nearly flat..... no splines left...... the propshaft was worn out as well, couldn't get a new spider in....
So I must have a new one....
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