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If we didn't have any armed forces..


.. do you think anyone would invade us?

If we just had one bloke, sat in an office, with his finger hovering over a big red button linked to huge bombs / nukes etc, would that be enough to dissuade people?
probly not because knowing our goverment he will pick some loon and the power of the button would go to his head.................

then he would press it
i recon our country would have a lot more money to spend on other things.
and i recon cannonball bob would be lost for something to fly.:)
I'm sure someone will have a rough idea to the nearest billions as to how much government money is spent on the forces. It keeps hundreds of thousands of company's afloat with contracts. Which in turn provides income for millions of families who pay their taxes to support the forces who go fight for new resources.
not to mention the tons and tons of materials that are simply 'blown up'.
all these companys supporting the forces could use their skill , materials and machinery to make other things , like cheaper landrover parts.:)
No army?? how dull would that be?

Where else would you get to fire the big guns?

Michigan Militia I s'pose:rolleyes:


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you could go to , was it india or thiland , where they take you out into the middle of nowhere and let you blow up a cow with a rocket launcher.
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Where have you people been?
And I've never blown anything up....oh tell a lie I was lucky enough to take the turret off a T55 in Iraq in 1991. :)
come on bob , your hellicopter must be worth a few bob on its own.
hey , any chance of a lift to either thailand or india?
I just had this image in my head of the rest of the world watching us, saying:

"Erm, you know that Britain place, where the Queen lives?"

"What, London?"


"What of it?"

"Well, like don't quote me, but apparently, they don't have no army..."

"Gee, shall we invade?"

"Sure thing Dubya..."

why would anyone want to invade britain??????? lousy weather,poor health care,overcrowded with asylum seekers and immigrants from EEC, anybody in there right mind would runaway would cost them too much money :D :D :D
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