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I'll get me coat. But before I go...


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...we have a P plate Cherokee Sport in, £1700, LPG, which I don't want or like.

Is it worth stripping it out and selling it? Would it be worth a couple of hundred pounds?

I don't want to pay more than £1500 for the Truck, so is it worth getting the details from the LPG set up and could someone estimate it's worth for me?

Chris ( Hiding in the corner, as I speak...:rolleyes: )
Valuing LPG kit is always hard, it depends on Multi pont/single point and the tank configuration, single hole or 4 and there age and who made the kit and if it had been profesonaly installed before?

with this information it would be a good start to value the kit

Yes Top, I know, but it's nice condition and I could make money on it.;)



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As long as it only a wheel and deal and not a transport choice, we could forgive you :D

Probably not a good time to mention the Shogun or Heathers Terrano, or the little Sport trak our Apprentice is running around in, then....:rolleyes:

Not worth that much these days, I take it is a Mk1 cherokee (squarer front end)? They are worth sod all to break, The truck on its own is worth £1200-1400 tops as it is a sport, and if it is a multipoint LPG you will need a new manifold to take it all off.

I'd sell it all together but i think £1700 is absolute top wack/sunny day/stupid buyer price
Shoguns arnt a bad little truck, last time i did timing on a engine was a mates shogun here, when i arrived he had it well out and was trying to start it :eek:

Good luck with it..

Chris, steve has a point about the overall value that shape does struggle to get good money these days

LPG, its the only way i can aford to run a car like mine ... not keen on diesels, the low emerions are also a plus

It is a Mk1, Steve. Boss had a look at the T card and it owes him the £1700, it's been through the Valetters and had some paint, so he won't shift much.

We also have a G plate Orbis in, but it's a wreck. Starter barely works, leaks oil, tyres and exhaust are poor. That can go to the Auctions.

I'll have to have another think on it.

Cheers, Chris
its top price for the spec it is (it is a 4litre isnt it?) personally I wouldn't run a cherokee on single point lpg, it may be worth a couple of grand tops if it is a MPI lpg sysem onboard. Without the lpg £1200, I picked up a N plate for a mate in LTD spec and 90k miles for £600 the other week.
Jeep values are not my strong point, Steve, we don't get enough through.

It looks like the Auctions then.

We get to have a look through any Trade ins before they are valetted or prepped for the Auctions. Best stick to the second hand Jap stuff.

Thanks for the advice, much appreciated, Chris
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