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Invitation to try the 2007 model


Big Landy Fan
Those very nice people at LAND ROVER sent me an email this afternoon complete with pretty pictures of the new defender the email said:

The world's most renowned 4x4 is stronger than ever, with a tenacious new 2.4 litre common rail diesel offering 20% more pulling power than the previous engine. It's more refined too, with new seats, an upgraded interior, all new facia and improved ergonomics. Making it a formidable contender all round.
Find out more
Where better to experience the New 2007 Defender than at an exclusive off-roading event in the grounds of Eastnor Castle, the historic proving ground of Land Rover?

This is your chance to be one of the first to put it through its paces, off-road and on. For a complimentary invitation for you and a guest to one of several events in April and May, put your name down now.

So I have signed up and should I be a lucky first then I will let you all know what I think of the 2007 model.
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so what are the power figures for the new diesel engine, have they overtaken the V8 yet? funny to think that my 20yr old standard landy is mor epowerfull than a TD5, although probably not now with 180,000k on the clock!
What I find really bizarre is that LR haven't even updated their website to reflect the '07 range. Instead, they're still advertising TD5's as though you could just go and order one! They haven't made a TD5 Defender in Station Wagon form since last September!! Oddly, Lapworths (independent dealers) are advertising the '07 model in general terms from £13,999 excluding VAT. Looks like the '07 is going to carry a hefty price hike then, because last year they were selling basic spec TD5 90 pick-ups for £13k plus VAT. I think I got my SW at just the right time.....
Got an e-mail yesterday evening telling me my nearest dealer will soon be contacting me with a test drive offer.........
AND............ a number to call [quoting password] to recieve a free half day training/familiarisation course in the new model, along with a guest, all on Landrover ! :D
Got an e-mail yesterday evening telling me my nearest dealer will soon be contacting me with a test drive offer.........
AND............ a number to call [quoting password] to recieve a free half day training/familiarisation course in the new model, along with a guest, all on Landrover ! :D

Like you need the training Dave.;) :D


Defender's new 2.4 litre, four-cylinder engine draws on parent company Ford's acknowledged diesel engine expertise, and represents a major step forward in terms of refinement and driveability. Torque output is higher than the outgoing engine right across the usable rev range, and the 360 Nm (265 lb ft) peak is delivered at only 2000 rpm; over 315 Nm (232 lb ft) of torque is available from 1500 rpm to 2700 rpm.

Engine peak power output is 122 PS (90 kW), with more than 90 per cent of peak power available from less than 2200 rpm to over 4350 rpm - over 60 per cent of the usable rev range. Naturally, in European markets (with high quality diesel fuels), the new engine is designed to be fully compliant with EU4 emissions legislation. But with Defender's status as a truly global product, a unique engine tune has also been developed to tolerate variable quality, high-sulphur fuels.

Based on a cast-iron block, the engine features an alloy, 16-valve cylinder head with Denso common rail fuel injection. Not only is combustion noise dramatically reduced, thanks to the excellent control provided by the engine's solenoid-driven fuel injectors, but a new Garrett variable geometry turbocharger also helps ensure throttle response is improved over the outgoing engine. The engine's lubrication and sealing systems have been specially developed to cope with Defender's onerous range of operating angles.

The new GFT MT 82 six-speed gearbox provides a much wider ratio spread than before; the lower first gear offers a reduction in crawl speed and combines with the engine's increased torque output to make towing on-road and off-road even easier. The increased engine torque also helps in-gear acceleration, and has allowed the new sixth gear to be set 20 per cent higher than the outgoing model's top gear. This helps to improve real-world cruising refinement and fuel economy. Ground gears in both the gearbox and new transfer box help boost refinement, while reductions in clutch and gear-change loads make day-to-day living with Defender significantly easier.

Individual pedal maps specifically matched to the demands of each gear are designed to ensure throttle progression and control is better than ever before; in addition, improved anti-stall characteristics further extend the vehicle's renowned ability to tackle the toughest terrain.
Phone call I got offered dates at Eastnor from mid-April to late May, so a little time to wait yet. However, dealers are allegedly getting their demo vehicles in mid-March so we may hear more soon. Hope so.
Land Rover phoned me this afternoon to confirm a place on the New Defender Launch at Eastnor Castle. Not only will there be New Defenders to test out on Land Rovers off road course at Eastnor Castle, but other corporate entertainment will be on offer such as clay pigeon shooting, abseiling off the castle walls, zip wires, ect. There will also be refreshments and a Dinner courtesy of Land Rover.
To make the most of this free day out I will probably take the caravan to Eastnor Castle the day before the event, they only charge £6.00 a night and the scenery is breathtaking.
For all those who are not going take a look at the venue here http://www.eastnorcastle.com/index.htm
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This isn't fair! Why do you guys get invited?
Okay I never bought anything from them directly... But still! :(

While it is true, I have bought vehicles from land Rover dealerships, I do not think this is a necessity. What you have to do is to make sure that your name is on the Land Rover database, and hope that your name is chosen, this is achieved by subscribing to the land rover mailings list, either by post or email, or by requesting a test drive at a dealership, (if you're really lucky you may get to borrow a new Land Rover for the weekend). Anyway follow this link to join the Land Rovers database and good luck in the future with upcoming promotions from Land Rover
Join the list here http://www.landrover.co.uk/gb/en/Vehicles/overview.htm
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