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ird bracket causes rattle?


Shifting Up
can anyone shed some light on the recall bullitin about the ird bracket, if it has snapped or fractured could it cause a tapping rattle kind of sound, when i go over small road markings, bumps i feel and hear a rattly tapping kind of noise, found the coolant bottle a bit rattly so maybe its that, its driving me insane trying to pinpoint it, me and wife feel it so its all across the front end,just changed all the oils and put a new front diff mount on but its still there, also is the gear change bar under the freelander supposed to move lots, that rattles by hand also, but my nechanic says that is normal, its sounds similar to the niose but he said its fine, could it be bushes on the front somewhere, any ideas please, my wifes constantly nagging about it.
It shouldn't make any noise, if it does, the monolith is loose.

Get someone to run the engine whilst you hold a cloth to the Cat, if the noise changes, you have your answer.

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