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How Do I? ird oil change, nut wont come off


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tried changing the oil in my ird and found that the oil really smelled bad, like rotton eggs, bit of metalic swarf on the drain plug aswell, does this indicate that it need changing, anyway, problem is i cant get the nut out to refill, the head is slightly rounded and i tried alsorts of tools but i cant get much leveredge under the freelander, any tips on how i can get this nut off, i cant drive it till i sort it, any help guys.
once i had to mig weld a cranked bar to a sump plug on a saab just to get it off. I went the cranked bar way as i could tempt it with a hammer if needed... Worked for me just make sure you have a new sump plug.

Try one of those turboflame lighters to give a bit of local heat. These lighters produce enough heat to solder with so use it with care. If that doesn't work, try a lot of heat but make sure that you are covered for fire damage :)
Rule number one when checking oil etc. ALWAYS make sure you undo the refill nut/cap first before draining the oil.;)

As for getting the bolt out, if its already starting to round off I would have a go with a pair of vice grips.
Freelander ird refill bungs are always very very tight, i tend to use a big breaker bar or sometimes air impact gun, it helps when its up on a ramp though so you can get proper leverage on it.

There is always some metal swarf on the drain bung and the oil is very smelly, not nice when you cover yourself in it! Sounds normal tbh. (been working on them for over 5 yrs)
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