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Is 24 Spline better than 10 ?

Rage Rover

Just wondering what the differance is between the 10 spline and 24 spline axles on a defender ?. Do the 24 spline jobs have a stronger diff ? or is it just the number of splines .
I have never heard of anyone stripping half shaft splines so i'm a bit confused :eek: .
Also is it possible to install the solid one piece 10 spline shafts in place of the 2 piece 10 spline jobs with the seperate drive flange at the end ?
The 24-spline drive member/half shaft is better as it has a larger wear surface (in teory the force transfers over 24 surfaces rather than 10) and thus will function as designed for a longer period of time. In other words, you won't notice that classic Landie fault of drive train klunck quite so soon as if you've got 10-spline drive members.

I have never heard of anyone trying to modify the Landie "floating" axle for a solid drive axle, however I understand that the Disco uses a solid drive axle, so it may be possible to do so. I would guess that you need to find out if the Disco/Defender axle lengths are identical, if the wheel dims are likewise identical to allow fitting Disco wheels to the Defender etc.

I've got the disco CV's on mine....

was a straight swap. - although you need the casting that the disk brake bolts to...

all from a disco I or II?
Last week my garage replaced 4 driving members, 4 half shafts and 2 cv-joints... All rosty and fixated after 100.000km.....
b.t.w pics on my site.

Mine were off a disco 1. I did the change so I can get any alloy wheel on.

Your problem is that you don't have enough oil leaks! If you have an oil leak of the shafts it stops the ends rusting!! You ought to put some grease on joking apart.

The disco ends are enclosed so don't have that problem.

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