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UK Is anyone going laning in Surrey / Salisbury plain areas on 2nd/3rd Feb?


I have 5 days off starting tuesday so quite fancy taking the landy on a little trip other then its recent motorway miles:) Would go home but ill have to deal with boredom....and i can't go kitesurfing that often as the wind is all but dead:(


Is anyone planning anything that i might be able to tag along on?

If not does anyone want to do something? Would be more then willing to help sort out a last minute job for a day's laning?


that would not be tomorrow and sunday but rather the weekend after:)

Sweet! I don't really know the plains at all and can't really start thinking about it till tuesday (important exam monday and then a bit of a end of exam binge is planned)....but i have maps! If anyone knows of any decent routes or want to join in i can bring some bacon along:)

How do we find out if its a red flag weekend?
Yup, not this saturday but the next, Dave H's weekend off, he shoots sat, so that would work for me, have pm'd him aswell...

I will load up mem map of the plains, i have done it a few times, but not for a few months.

MMM red flag, there is a site somewhere, let me look around, let you know..

01980 674763

If we ring that number theres a recorded message of safe/not safe times. Will have a listen a little later after im back from the pub:)

If it all goes tits up im happy to travel up to surrey.....you still havent shown me the devils punchbowl:D:D
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My previous post should have read "he shoots sunday..."

Cool let me know what they say..

Punch bowl can be done.... But plains has more variety

:( :( :( :( :( :(

My timing is not set correctly, and it has just been kindly pointed out to me that a 150 mile round trip and beating the truck up off road isnt a good idea untill it is sorted out..

So sorry i can tdo it :(


So thats:

Dave H (possibility)

Have listened to the recorded message but it only does a week in advance so i will have another listen and let you know at the weekend:)

BIG EDIT: ****** :( :(
OK then:) Two options..... make a bee line for some surrey lanes if your truck is up for it?


Carry on with the plains:rolleyes: Andy? Do you know them at all? Last time i was there it was a great laugh but we spent half the time trying to find out where we were:eek:

Toppa: Wheres Ets got to?
Thats a ****** Toppa,tell Dave to get his **** in gear & sort your timing out.:p :D

Adam I'm still up for it,but I'm a Plains virgin.:eek:

If no one else chips in I might have a mate who'll come.

I'll pm you my mobile.

Just been listening to the squaddy again.....still no update on next weekend. Maybe tomorrow?

The landy has a 300 mile round trip to make on wednesday/thursday as im heading down to plymouth. If all goes well it should make it but im heading to ladbrooks anyway to get my odds:D

Anyhow, i havent managed to get in contact with Stephen as he doesnt accept PM's? Ive got a few routes marked on my maps...one arround the winchester/ salisbury area...nice and easy maybe chance of some scratches. Then i also have one that starts south of swindon and works its way down the edge of the plains. Again nothing too taxing:) Thats of course if no one has any other routes. I shall have a look on wayfinder for some different ones on tuesday.

To be honest im not concerned where we go laning if its within a couple of hours driving in the landy im more then happy to do a days laning up near you. Its half way home to Bucks so i might head up north afterwards and down south the day after:eek:

Blimey this weeks fuel bill is gonna be huge:eek::(:D

Steve(Se7enup)might tag along.Also a mate of mine might come in his lightweight,I think he knows how to get to the Plains by lanes from Newbury.

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