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Is this right?


Accelerating Away
Range Rover 3.5 EFI (F plate).

Got the front nearside up on an axle stand lastnight whilst I stripped/checked/cleaned the pads and caliper.
What surprised me was that with the transferbox in neautral AND the auto box in neutral, I still couldn't turn the hub. It would turn a degree or so whilst it took up backlash in the forward assembly but as soon as the front prop started try and move, it locked up in the tranmsmission I assume.
Probably sounds like a numpty question but as this is my first Rangie I didn't expect that.
I would have thought that with both boxes in neutral, I should be able to turn by hand, any wheel which was up in the air?
Has it got Borg Warner transfer case (the transfer lever only moves Hi - N - Lo) no left movement for diff lock?

If so, then you won't be able to turn a hub as you desrcribe without putting considerable effort into it. The viscous coupling is doing it's job and limiting slip. If you have a BW box and can't turn it at all, even with say a breakers bar on wheel nut, then the viscous coupling has siezed

If it's got an LT230 transfer case (lever can move right to left to engage diff lock), then the diff lock is engaged, which a; you should get a warning light, b; it shouldn't be engaged for normal road use.

See ashcroft transmissions web site for more info. http://www.ashcroft-transmissions.co.uk/part_26.html
Has it got Borg Warner transfer case ..............

Many thanks for that mate:)
I think it's the BW case because there's definately no sideways movement, just Hi - N - Lo. I'll try again tonight with a bar and hope like hell that it actually moves!:eek: .

If it doesn't (GULP!) what's the score. How do we change a viscous coupling, is it D.I.Y do-able for a couple of reasonably clued up blokes and what sort of cost are we looking at? Where would we get one (preferably Cheshire area - or mail order?). Is it the sort of thing you can buy or have re-conned and is it worth it?

Questions, questions, questions!!!!!!!
Spot the newby!:eek:

Thanks a lot:D
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