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island 4x4 or other mail order for series stuff??

Does anyone have any experience of these? On fleabay but Kent-based.

We've just paid 45€ :eek: :eek: for a wheel cylinder, rear (LH) brake - Lucas. In fact he got a 10E discount, it was originally 55€ but The Keeper of the Purse had only let him out with 50€, so the guy in the shop took pity on him.

Anyway gets home and decides must be cheaper in the UK, even including postage and exchange rate, and so it would appear to be. I think we could refurbish a fleet of Land Rovers for 45€ (well, both our two anyway).

We are planning on doing the right hand one as well while we are messing around with the pesky brakes, hence looking for the other one.

Any other suggestions for good mail order as we have somewhat lost touch with the current scene. Not into pattern parts for this sort of thing, prefer Lucas/Girling. What we're trying to avoid is spending weeks, and return postage costs sending stuff to and fro if the wrong stuff gets sent - even if we provide the right part no.

Cheers, A&K
Put a fair amount of cash over the counter of Island 4x4 now and never been let down . Fast delivery (thats something living on a Scottish island) and good stock - whether it's for the range rover or the ninety.A big thanks to them for sending a diff super-fast after Paddocks went lame on the order. Highly recomended.:)
I have always found Paddocks at Matlock more than helpful, fast delivery, assistance when you are not sure what bit you want, and best of all, the returns service works:D
There is another company that sounds a lot like Paddocks...Wouldn't touch them with a barge pole:(
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