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it just wont start!!


Accelerating Away

i have had my injectors overhauled by a specialist as they were blocked but i just cant get this new 20yr old engine to fire! It turns over fine and there is plenty of juice int he batery but it wont ignite! i did get it to fire for about a second last night but since then nothing, not even with a squirt of easystart!

can someone tell me how they have got their fuel pipes lined up as this may be wrong but i dont think so.

it isnt even giving of any smoke when i turn it over which is a little worrying. When i crack the injector pipe and turn the engine over i am getting fuel bubling out would this prevent ignition?

any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Hi Colin,
Not an expert on Landy injectors, but with marine diesels it is important to get all the air out of the high pressure fuel lines to the injectors. Try cracking off all the injector nuts a couple of turns, pull on the pipes to loosen the seals, and crank the engine in bursts until all the injectors show pulses of clean fuel with no air bubbles. Tighten up the injector nuts and try for a start. You may need to do this a two or three times to get all the air out. If any air is in the pipes it basically stops fuel pressure from lifting the needle valve at the injector nozzle.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for that advice, there is definitely air coming through the injector pipes so i guess thats why its not starting. so short blasts are better for removing the air from the pipes that long period of turning over?

Hi Colin,
Probably doesn't do the starter motor any good to run it for more than about 30 secs continuously - it'll get a bit hot. So, bursts of cranking of about 15 - 20 secs each with a pause in between should be OK. Be careful not to flatten the battery though.

Just a thought, if you have had any of the rest of the fuel system to bits, bleed the air out of this using the hand priming lever on the engine lift pump first if you can. That way the high pressure system will purge more quickly. If you can't do this for any reason it will eventually purge through the injector lines - it'll just take a bit longer.


i just cant get the air flushed out, i am wondering if im not getting a clean connection at the connections on the injector pipes as all the others appear fine?

i will give them a rub down and see if it makes any difference, it must be the air that is preventing ignition.

another question is when i am cranking the engine with the pipes loose i am getting puff of smoke from the injectors is this normal?

another question is when i am cranking the engine with the pipes loose i am getting puff of smoke from the injectors is this normal?

Did you fit new sealing washers? Sounds like you are getting blowby.

As has been said, you need to purge the air from the injector pipes. I slacken them all off a couple of turns, then when one seems to be pumping a decent amount of fuel, tighten it up whilst still cranking, then if it kicks, start to tighten the others. It sometimes helps to prime the injection pump with the lift pump ( or bulb on a car engine) that puts a bit more pressure into the charge pump.

Hi, Are you sure you have bled the system properly?
If so ,it may be that your fuel system is drawing air.This can only happen up to the lift pump [including standpipe in tank] there after you should see a leak i.e.-fuel is then under pressure . If you have leak after the F.I. pump I think you would know about it as fuel is under a much higher pressure at this stage.
With regards 'cracking injector pipes ' I personally have only found the need to open one or two and tighten when engine fires.This is normally enough if all air is removed up to F.I. pump.
Just thinking outside the box, you've drained your fuel filter of water? Or replaced it, it could be full of crap. Just a thought.

Cheers, Ben
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