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It won't start


My Defender has decided not to start any more. It worked fine when I drove it home yesterday morning, but in the evening, I put the immobiliser key in, turned the ignition until the choke light came on and then went off again (as per normal) and then turned the key to start.




Not a sausage

I'll plug her into my battery charger this morning, but the headlights seemed fully bright when I tried them. I tried the spare immobiliser key to no avail.

Any clues?
It could still be the battery regardless of the lights working.

Same thing happened to SWMBO's volvo the other week, all the electrics were working fine, inside & outside but there wasn't enough juice to start it.
I would've expected at least a grunt from the starter, but it didn't make a sound. I'll charge it now and see what happens...
Easy check... Headlights on full beam, then try and turn over. If the lights go very dim then its more than likely the battery not putting out enough Amps. Check your earths and everything.

Course it could be the immobiliser, this I can't help you with!
It's most likley the poitive on the back of the starter that's worked loose... it doesn't take much. mine was arcing to the engine and all the power was lost. i tightened it up, put the rubber boot back and it was fine
OK, silly question. Where is the starter on my engine? I thought this might be the case but it's not the kind of day where I want to lie out in the drive for a while...
If you look in from the front it's on the right hand side under the turbo and beheing the down pipes....not the best design and it took me hours to feel the nut for the cable :(
here's a sort of pich where to look....you wont be able to see it it's under the turbo and stuff


  • starter.JPG
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Think I found it. The cable seems pretty tightly attached, although the rubber boot is down a bit. I'll wait until my willing assistant returns home and see if it arcs during start...
slide that rubber boot up a bit then, the ammount of juice going to the starter can easily spark over.. disconnect the battery (i didn't and it reminded me that the battery was still good) and try and tighten the nut mine was rusted so did'nt feel loose but the cable could move in the stud...
Re: It won't start - solved!!

Thanks for the advice. Was poking around near the starter and found out that the white and red wire to the solenoid was disconnected... plugged it in again and car started again!!
Re: It won't start - solved!!

That's exactly what happened to mine.. One second its working, the next it just stopped.. Damn stupid wire going lose...
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