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I've been given this oil - any use?

Craig K

In Fourth Gear
Dear all

I have just been given 2 x 25 litres of oil - kind of 'off the back of a lorry'. Well not really, the chap has had it in his garage for years and was throwing it out.

Is it any use for the landy or otherwise?

1 x 25 litre 'Elfmatic F'
1 x 25 litre 'Tranself TRX - 80W 140'

A bit of googling would suggest to me that the first is an automatic transmission fluid and the second is a fully synthetic gearbox oil??

Is it of any use to me or is it bonfire starting material?

Vehicles I own that it could be of use for are:
Landrover 90 - 2.5NA - LT77 Box
Ferguson TE20 Tractor (Petrol)
2 stroke motorbike that usually is given 75w/90 fully synthetic gearbox oil.

Any thoughts as always very much appreciated!

Cheers chaps!
I think Templ4r means that it quietens the whine, because clunks when taking up drive is play.
Yes, the whining bearings, Rich. It will dampen the clunk a bit, but as you say, there is too much backlash in the gears.

Hmm, IIRC I have used bling bling 75w/90 fully synthetic - because I was given that free too! Bit early to start changing it! Same goes for the Xfer box.

Interesting though. I will have to put it to one side and a copy of this post for reference.

Any other uses for it? Is the ATF no use for the LT77?

Thanks guys!
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