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Jack russell idiots v collies

Jack Russell Idiots V Collies

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Big Landy Fan
So what dog suits a landy?
The late:D great R Hammond called the landy a "collie carrier" but I recon it's a terrier transporter. What do you fink?
You're all wrong. The best Dog to comliment your Landy is a field bred English Springer Spaniel.

Our Sam loves the Landy. Can't keep him out of it.

:D :D :D :D
:D dogs are smelly dirty things , i would never let a smelly old dog into my landrover.:D

unless of course she put a few quid in the tank , bought me beer and drove me home.:D
Look at my Web Site then decide is it Terriers or Collies. Though all dogs are great and each breed reflects their owners who should train the dog they own to be sociable and friendly and not like some owners who do the exact opposite. (Just take a look at Pit Bull owners and you will see what I mean)
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I was a collie fan myself but after aquiring Beth I've found that JRTs have more than the personality and intelligence that I like in an animal and also seem to be a bit sturdier (I spend a lot of time away from her but she knows whos dog she is) I think I wouldn't have enough time and dedication for a collies needs whereas me little jack is the perfect compliment to me and my lifestyle,I still wish the little sod would sit when I try to put her harness on for a walk, every other time I hardly have to give her a command for her to behave and be the perfect companion.
im kinda in the middle. My dog is a collie cross but we are not sure what with. There looks to be a little jack russell in her too.


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For anyone who may have visited my Border Collie Puppy Web site and looked at Loki's page this is a recent picture of Loki, now no longer a puppy, but a sturdy two year old.

He is becoming a strong and faithful Collie who loves nothing better than travelling in the passenger seat of the Landy, though most of the time he is in the back behind a dog guard.


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any sort of working dog looks good, all ours have been working breeds, so it's a bit of a cheat poll really. terriers, collies, and the dogs mentioned AFAIK are all working breeds - and they all fit in a working vehicle. A&K
I want to see jack Russel jumping into LR, I have faith they can do the jump - like some furry Exocet missile.


*eek* just had a parcel delivery, guy was a pikey, long hair,gold, knuckle tats etc and whilst I was trying to sign the stupid pda thing, he was all over dog asking "is he a young-um - does he werk fella - take a deer?"
I have to agree with Wingnut and Baaroadsterit, it has to be with absolutely no question an English Springer Spaniel.
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OK I admit Russels aren't the only dogs but reading some recent posts I thought they were on the top of forum peeps accesory list I was wrong :eek: !
Come on chaps only one JRT nut voted I blinkin well know there are more, you bloomin well ave em as avitars.:confused:
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