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Just a few pics....

Tonga Green

In Third Gear
Hi all, more of a lurker on here than anything, but just thought Id post some pics of my Dads 90, I was on the insurance though over christmas when I was back from uni :D

P.S. Sorry about pic quality - from my phone!


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I reckon you'd be gutted if we all turned up at the Treasure Hunt with buckets of soapy water and polish and gave your Landy a good going over. :D



I think it would up and run away with its tow bar between its wheels!!!

:) I think my landy fancy's your landy. If we bred them I think we'd produce a nice off-spring!!:D haha


ps: I like the A bar but cant pay £300 for one. Flogged my standard one on pic. Also Intercooler needs to be free from obstrucions ;)
We're only jealous, have my eye on a 98 90 county thats spotless and if he sells(which is due about now) I will be first in the queue and will see no off road, well unless my 89 90 wont start or something similar:rolleyes:
Too all those on the too shiny / clean front, I AGREE!! The problem is trying to get him to get it muddy, we've not had it too long and hes been abit reluctant to get it dirty so far!! :( Mind you I can see his point as it was a considerable wedge for a Defender. He has said he will think about some green runs at pay and plays etc though. I am working on it though!! In the mean time I am loving driving it! Had some funny looks as if to say a 19yr old shouldnt be behind the wheel! :D

R.e the A-bar; the bar, lights and snorkel plus a towbar with twin electrics from L/R ended up costing us about £1.5k (inc labour) :eek: Dealer prices and all that!!

Anyway, thanks for the kind remarks!

P.S I have noticed how tall the OEM snorkel sits, someone told me its to account for a roof rack to be fitted, is this right?
I expect that you got it from kentdale LR did ya! I get funny looks when i drive my defender, maybe because i'm a 17 year old but you know.

When i got me defender sorted, i'll give ya a shout and we can see about getting it dirty. Do you have MSN?
I get funny looks as well. I especially love the looks of the boy racers when they say "Is that thing yours?" at parties etc.
Damn right. As it says on the back "You can go fast, I can go anywhere."

My brother and his mates love it when I go and pick them up from parties and take them home the offroad way... I've had 7 of them in my 90 before :eek:
P.S I have noticed how tall the OEM snorkel sits, someone told me its to account for a roof rack to be fitted, is this right?

The easiest way to solve this is to ignore Mantec's measurement guidelines for the holes in the windscreen and position them as low as possible. This way you get a snorkel that sits at roof hight or slightly lower...





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Ahh ok I see, well I think its too late then as obviously the bracket has allready been fitted. I wonder why they suggest it should be fitted so high? Thanks anyway
Just means when you take it offroad you can take through a slightly deeper puddle:D

Never realised how many 19yr olds have their own landy's on this forum:)
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