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just sayin what i tink


I see that the greenies are getting their way with increased parking rates for 4x4 drivers. seems that it'll only be a matter of time before it goes onto the road tax disc as well. i'm really p**sed off with it all cause it simply isnt about envoirnment awareness, but about collecting more tax for local authorities to waste. If im wrong why then how come the black cabs havent been made LPG yet,they drive about the city all day with bigger diesel engines than my 110. The government could give them a loan (much like a student loan, only the cabbies could pay it back in a week probably!), and it'd really signify a positive step foward, plus there'd be more garages doing lpg conversions then. same really for buses. however it doesnt really have the same cost effectiveness as actually fining people for making their own personal vehicle choice does it?. i despair.:
I was listening to this subject this morning whilst driving to work on the Forces radio. It set me thinking, instead of taxing everything to death why doesn't the government invest and promote things like bio fuel and/or hydrogen fuel cells. Instead of just cow-towing down to the tree huggers why don't they grow a set and stop driving (pardon the punn) most decient folk out of the country.

Just my thoughts. Probably why I don't live there anymore, I'm coming back at Easter so I will more than likely be leaving angry with whats happened to the place.
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