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K&N Air Filter number?


Staff member
Another day, another question (I must be a LR owner!)...

I want to replace my air filter with a K&N, but am having problems identifying the correct one to order. There seem to be 2 listed, but neither appear to be a direct match to mine and they are a bit expensive to get the wrong one, and its a pain having to return mail order stuff so I want to make sure I get the right one 1st time..

My existing filter is 280mm long (ish), and has a plastic air-diffuser thingy on the end nearest the air intake. Neither of the K&N filters Ive looked at has this, and Im wondering that if it wasnt needed then why is it there on the standard filters..?

Has anyone replaced one of these type of filters with a K&N and what part number was it?

Should I try to remove the plastic thingy and fit it to the new filter if its without? (Does it serve any real purpose?).

1992 110Tdi
Why K&N???

I can supply you a nice ITG filter (which IMHO are better anyway) - not sure on postage cost to France though... (UK - including postage is £56)

The plastic spliter/panel isn't really needed, and you will find that no aftermarket filter will have one.

Why K&N..?
because Ive fitted them on several of my vehicles previously and had good results... and I've heard of K&N, but never heard of ITG!

I'm willing to be pursuaded... why do you consider them better?
Do you have any air-flow comparisons?

I'm looking upon this partly as a (long term) cost-cutting exercise (In my experience, K&N filters are easy to clean and re-use almost indefinitely without impairing airflow) and also to try and get a bit more air into the beast...

ITG Filters:

Taken from there website:

For almost 19 years, itg have been setting the pace in air filter technology.

By producing the best designs, sourcing the best materials and using the best manufacturing methods, we've created a range of air filters that is simply unbeatable.

From the humble saloon to the supercharged racer, from road bikes to superbikes, itg filters deliver a top performance whatever the conditions.

The toughest proving ground for our products has always been the highly competitive arena of motorsport and here our track record in air power takes some beating.

And have a read here: http://www.itgairfilters.com/content2.asp?section=trifoam

I've used ITG filters on various cars (including my own 300Tdi 90 and race cars I've worked on for people)) and have always been more than impressed!!!
And cleaning the filter is much cheaper than replacing it!!

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