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klunking noise !!!!!!


In Second Gear
Hi all first post here so if i get lost or rabble please bear with me, i bought a freelander (T plate) 5 months ago anniversery edition absolute beauty joy to drive, had to replace a couple of parts nothing major but last week I had my steering lock full on and was reversing round a corner when I heard a clunking noise from underneath the car. Never had any problems with gears before just this noise with reverse with full lock (or as close as) it feels like youre hitting a pothole best way i can describe it !! Have searched the forums and seen possible answers but has anyone else experienced this problem and maybe help a noob! oh and one other thing do freelanders become invisible when you drive them because I have never seen so many ignorant people cutting me up, jumping out in front of me and just wanting me to crash into them then look at me as if im in the wrong !!!!!
Suggest you have a look at the rear diff supports as these can "clunk" when they are on their way out.

No-one ever ignors me coming, but if they do they only do it once!!
yes just back from the garage got me brakes done the fella i know down there says the exact same thing, probably the mountings just that more pressure when you reverse so it sounds worse but thanks for the quick reply much appreciated....:)

Having replaced the worn out (front) rear diff mount to cure serious clunking about a month ago, my Freelander has just developed this new reversing clunk when on lock.

I had dropped the subframe a little to replace the bush, and thought that I had left it loose, but checked at the weekend and all was tight. The noise is definally from the back, and only happens when on lock and reversing.

Any further suggestions?


I put my car into hard lock in reverse one Saturday morning in January and got a huge cracking noise. Drove forward in hard lock no noise, so I went to a local industrial estate, found an empty carpark and proceded to work out where the noise was comming from. Drove both forwards and backwards in hard lock driving in a circle and found no noise forward but noise backwards and couldn't work it out. So monday Morning the vehicle went to my firms garage for inspection, get a phone call later that day sorry your IRD has gone!
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