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Klunking nosie still there !!!!


In Second Gear
Well i posted before about he klunking noise i get when reversing and turning (feels like you hit a pothole !!) Had the diff mounting replaced toally worn out ... klunk still there, my mate runs/owns a garage and has been looking into this doing his head in aswell slackened bolts then retightened them making sure everything is in place, now its a case of elimanating what parts are faulty the prop shaft mountings are goosed and one of the track rod ends needa replaced, now its going back in to get these replaced but im trying to price up parts (my mate gonna fix it cheap if i get the parts) any help or info much appreciated. Also thanks again to previous post just want my landy running smooth.
>"the prop shaft mountings are goosed"

The think you are refering to the two VCU mounts, which are less than £20 each.


Thanks for the replies , it`s a bit strange that i can reverse straight back and i dont adjust the steering no noise but put some turn on about three quarters way around it starts will let you know how i get on :)
When we Test Freelanders for Trade in, part of it is turning sharply in reverse, as well as forwards. In a straight line, things seem OK, turn and the whole vehicle can lock up.

If the oil is grey, you can take the props off and then the output shaft from the IRD. The teeth on the mitre gears break, then don't interlock.

If the oil is grey, it's metal, so don't look any futher. You would get metal bits if you drain the box.

I will be going into the garage on tuesday so i will let my mate know all this, he`s wanting to know what it is aswell priced a few parts up :eek: ....well i think i need to do a bit of overtime !!! but it will be worth it thanks again..
been trying to price up parts (ird not cheap) has anyone treid replacing the crown wheel and pinion parts advertised here : http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI....Sell_LogicX&refwidgettype=cross_promot_widget

just wanting to see if anyone else has done this or would i be best to replace whole unit ( at a cost !!!:eek: ) also seen this : http://www.thesysadmin.co.uk/hippo/fixes/index.html#vcu

hope this can help anyone with the same problem if i can get all the part i need she goes in next week and that should be her up and running 100%
(by the way hope i havent broke any rules posting that link to ebay just trying to see if anyone else has bought these kits) cheers again..:)
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