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Landrover in Poland


I have just been advised that I am being transferred on a 'semi-permanent' basis to Warsaw. :eek: :eek:

I have a RHD 3 years old 110 DC that I don't really want to loose. Any ideas on the practicality of driving a RHD vehicle over there long term? Is it practical to swap the steering over?

Any suggestions welcome.

wsill ask the kid at our place, he's Polish and ws a driving instrutor when he was out there.....me to got a DC...


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I've driven my RHD Series1 and my old RR in Germany for 5 years, and now the Series1 and my 110 are here in Canada.
No problem at all. Just get used to shoulder checking to the left instead of the right!
A hardtop would be more difficult because of the lack of rear visibility, but not impossible.
Fit some of those larger mirror heads if you're concerned.

Insurance would be the biggest problem. I used to use Norwich Union. They were about the only insurer we were allowed to use. Plus comprehensive cover came with a 12month open green card.

OK, thanks for the replies. The only other option is to sell :( but that depends on where I live etc which is not yet even looked at!
Not the same, as we are in Spain, but as we are all EU..

Newish vehicles of whatever drive can be imported here. It may cost you slightly more if it is RHD. Here they have some sort of obsession that you really can't see properly if you have a RHD vehicle and they have an inbuilt terror of driving on the "wrong" side of the road, and can not understand the hordes of British that annually descend on the continent with their jolly RHD vehicles and happily drive without any accidents.

Here you need engineer's report, lots of paperwork, relatively low cost, especially if you do it yourself. Can you strike it as a deal through work?

I am going to have to work out some kind of relocation package, but is still a bit new. I was asking the question more to see if I need to start to sell or if I can just change it over.

Any ideas on the value of a 2004 110 DC?

You can swap the steering over to LHD depending on your ability. Not sure on the CBA of that.

I can't believe you can't import it to Poland or someone hasn't suggested a google search....

A mate of mine took his (RHD S3) to Bosnia without any problems.

Sounds like you want to sell.
I am going to have to work out some kind of relocation package, but is still a bit new. I was asking the question more to see if I need to start to sell or if I can just change it over.

Any ideas on the value of a 2004 110 DC?

.........i'd say £17,ooo depends on what spec...shame really, she looks nice..
I have also heard that in Czech,slovakia,poland that any vehicle that will be permantly inportede must be left hand drive.... but what they class as permanent i dont know....


No problem to drive RHD here in Poland but beware the roads are full of boy racers and cops armed with their neat radar guns. They don't take prisoners and you pay despite the pleas of not understanding. Insurance you can get the obligatory third party insurance cover easily from any of the motor insurers and a darned sight cheaper than buying in the UK. You can do it by the month too. Cops will puill you over to check your documents, they'll want to see your driving licence, insurance and ownership docs. They also want to see your ID passport etc. Heavy problems if found without so don't leave home without em. The rules on registration are a bit hazy and a RHD won't stop your motor from being nicked. There are over a million RHD cars in Russia and that's not so far away. If you drive through Germany too take care they use not only unmarked police cars but the drivers etc don't wear uniforms either! There is a myth that there is no limits on German Autobahns. There are many speed limits and they're clearly marked. Only when you leave a restricted zone can you go 'unlimited'. So watch out.
I'm not sure that Brucey will be too worried about the unrestriced autobahns (or even the fairly restriced ones) in a Land Rover :)
Hi, I drove my RHD 90 over to Finland last september. I don't know what the rules & regs are in Poland, but here's what I had to do.....

1. Take ALL vehicle documents - you need to show the V5 at the customs place. Get a form from the Post Office so you can send your tax-disc back and claim whatever tax is left on it when you leave the UK.

2. One of the speculations for importing a vehicle to Finland is that you MUST have owned it for AT LEAST 2 years in your home country prior to moving over. This is to stop people nipping over to other countries, buying a vehicle there that is much cheaper than over here, then importing it and selling it for huge profit without paying any tax. Example: I saw a 1996 Discovery TDi for sale at almost 20,000 Euros - thats about 13,000 Quid to you and me!!!!! :eek:

3. Get a Certificate of Conformity from Land Rover, stating the vehicle engine emissions at the time of manufacture (I ended up getting this through the Finnish garage that MOTd the vehicle; they got it thru a place in Germany that specialises in such documents).

4. Once I had the Certificate of Conformity, I could then get it MOTd to Finnish standards.

5. Once I had the MOT, I had to go to the Finnish Customs (I'll backtrack here: when I arrived off the ferry, I had to go straight to a customs place at the terminal that gave me a form to get the vehicle registered in Finland. They gave me one month to do it). At the Finnish Customs, I had to argue the fact that it was a hardtop vehicle with no seats in the rear, and it was a diesel, so I could get it done as tax-free. Cars here are ridiculously expensive - in fact, everything is!!! And the old hag at customs was rude, miserable and totally unhelpful. They didn't like it that I wasn't paying them any tax on importing a vehicle. AND I had to fit small 'restraining barriers' on the 'seat' section in the rear of my 90 so you CANNOT have passengers in the rear......this country is very anal!

6. After waiting a few weeks, I was sent the 'new' Finnish vehicle documents, then had to go to a garage to get the number plates sorted out. I think that was the end of all the import stuff.

7. I took an abundance of spares including LHD headlamps, and after 4 months the gearbox packed up! Check my ongoing saga of what I'm up to! ;)

8. There has been no problems with it being RHD in a left hand country. It is obviously much easier to drive if you have a passenger to act as an extra pair of eyes at junctions. There were no extra insurance costs due to it being RHD neither. The insurance company in your new country will check with your previous UK insurance company your NCD and transfer it over once it is confirmed.

9. Check to see what Polish winters are like. If they are as bad as this place (minus 20 to 30 for at least 4 weeks, and winter last over 4 months) then fit a webasto thermotop C heater. You can get the ones that plug in, but there are no gaurantees that you will have access to a socket to plug it in! The webasto one takes its' fuel source from the diesel tank, so it is a 'self-sufficient' unit. Also consider getting a heated front screen, radiator muff and snow blinds. I also found that the door & fuel locks froze with monotonous regularity, so I am trying to 'design' a flap to cover these during winter.

10. There may be a law that you have to have studded tyres during the winter months. Over here that is the case, as the roads are basically compacted ice for 3 to 4 months. I took a second hand set of Land Rover rims and shotblasted them. The studded tyres will be cheaper in Ploland than if you buy them in the UK (I don't even know if they are available in the UK).

Thats is all the barriers I faced upon importing my 90, obviously you will have different things to face in Poland. Would I have drove over in hindsight? I doubt it! Land Rovers are rare here, therefore spares are extortionate. It was cheaper to import a recon gearbox from the UK, along with clutch & input gear, as opposed to getting a just second hand gearbox alone over here! And I wish I had never moved here, but that's another story! :confused:

Anyway, good luck with whatever you do!

I'm not sure that Brucey will be too worried about the unrestriced autobahns (or even the fairly restriced ones) in a Land Rover :)

Mmm I like that, but when they say 60 they mean it and woe betide you if you exeed and there are plenty of such speeds on the so called wonderful autobahns. I have driven the highways consistently for the last 20 years going backwards and forwards from Warsaw to the UK, in a variety of cars. At one tine there was 300 Km of cones and speed restrictions between the Polish border and Hanover. Makes the M25 look like a cakewalk. At one crash incident we stood on the motorway for so long a German Jazz band got out of their bus and gave us a couple of hours of entertainment. Now THAT is what I call cool!
Surprisingly the paper stampers in Poland concerning car imports are fairly good. We seriously thought of importing a Freelander from Germany and they varied alot in price. But in the end having a biz here meant it was to our advantage to lease a vehicle here and we chose the new Freelander 2 as we do intend to keep it for a long while. But the price is heavy about 40% higher than the UK list.

Some insurers here these days won't insure you if you don't have winter tyres and they're not cheap but certainly available, the tyre folk will also store em for you. I know about Scandanavian nonsense with cars a friend of mine who worked in Sweden was chased mercillously for years as the Swedes tried to get back their number plate when he left.

We just had the warmest winter I can can remember we didn't even get snow until January. Sounds like you had a lot of problems where you are. Sometimes it's better to buy locally I even considered a RHD/LHD conversion but frankly it's just not worth the bother. I drive my LHDs in the Uk no problem and each trip I do around 6K Kms without any hassle. Handy with the picture cameras and once I even became a Polish national suddenly when I got nabbed speeding.

I know Finland is ultra expensive and that's why we don't go there. We also have a nice little 68 MGB Roadster I imported a few years back from the USA. Has a special number plate which means that we only needed just one MOT type test and afterwards none. But then the old girl only comes out for classic car rallies but that does mean longish trips to France etc. On rallies the 4WD scene in Poland is fantastic as is the classic cars and throughout the summer there are rallies every week somewhere in Poland. Not expensive and you get to be in the company of likeminds which is nice. I would say given the choice Poland for me is the best place to live and work and I spent years living and working in foriegn lands. But whatever floats your boat as they say.

I'm looking now for some accesories for the Freelander 2. For instance a tow hitch here costs aound 700 pounds to buy and fit. I also would like some stainless steel front and side bars etc. If anyone out there knows a good source let me know.

Cheers and thanks for the reply
I thought you would have to have winter tyres over there, i know in Czech it is a legal requirement during certain months of the year...

I was in Czech one year, stayed with a guy that had a 110 csw with winter tyres on it, when he drove us up to the ski mountain, the thing never missed a beat, and there was some serious snow...

If anyone is still looking at this thread, I'm afraid comparisons to Bosnia, Spain, Germany etc are out of the window. Poland will let you drive a RHD car there for 6 months, then it must either be imported or taken out of the country. EU or not, they have their own rules and will not comply with the EU no matter how hard you argue. It's LHD or nothing.
I got some news for you. For years it's not been possible to register a RHD car only specials such as old timers.
But I hear now that the rule will be changed soon to allow. Maybe because so many Poles have worked in the Uk and
have their RHD cars bought cheap in the Uk and want to keep em. The bad news is that the standard of driving is bad
enough here and this added danger will just add to the mayhem. I have lived in Poland for twenty years and have driven
all over. It's as bad driving here as all the other dodgy countries. Boy racers the lot. Don't like queues do Poles and if
you leave a gap for your protection be sure that some idiot will want to take it.
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