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lead petrol


Accelerating Away
may be a daft question but are the S3 petrol engine ok on the modern leadfree petrol or should I be putting some of this lead replacement stuff in?
How much is the lead replacement additive? The engine will eventually eat the valves and seats without the lead so it may be a good precaution. If it is particularly expensive you could just throw a couple pounds in a jar every time you fill up and by the time the head needs work you'll have the cash saved up to fix or replace it so it can run on unleaded.

We banned lead ~1980 or so over here, I still remember the transition well. My rover went around 10,000 miles before it was essentially undrivable thanks to lost compression- other people have gotten more miles out of their old heads.
depends on the milage you do. you can get lead free heads but these are expensive. i would run it and if it does cause any issues replace the motor. complete engines rarely fetch over £50
How much is a complete lead free head over there? I bought one here for $500 last fall(05)- they can't be cheaper here than over there can they!?:eek:
Put the additive in adds about 3p per litre

Some stations still sell LRP but rare now

Have noticed on all cars i own which all require "leaded" that the additive seems to make the exhusrts last longer they don't seem to rot from inside as much

Two cars have covered 54K & 27K since lead went out
Head conversion costs start at about £25/valve seat (only the exhaust valve seats require changing). Alternatively fit a head off a 2.5 90/110:)
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