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Leaf Spring Advice


In Second Gear
Hi All
After acquiring an A reg Series 3 petrol Landy, changing the gearbox, fitting new rear leaf spring and shocks and spring hangers, I have turned my attention to the front. I have found that the front of the front leaf springs are very close to the spring mounting on the chassis, as shown in the attached photos. I have checked the bushes and all seem fine. I was wondering that when I bring the Landy for an MOT, would it pass or fail?

Would I be better off fitting new springs and shocks to the front before going for an MOT?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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You will probably Fail on this RFR.

the leaves of a multi-leaf spring splayed to such an extent that the action of the spring is impaired, or will foul other parts of the vehicle

or this

a defective spring eye

If the pins and bushes are OK, it will be down to the wear on the leaves causing the spring to rub on the shackle bracket.

A lenient Tester could Advise you, but it depends how he interprets the regs.

His picture does not show wear in the spring eye and not the bush either, although there could well be wear there. All you can see is the secondary leaf making slight contact, with the spring hanger...
Provided it is only light contact, as it looks and dosnt impair the spring movement in anyway I cant see the problem. Of course its down to individual opinions.
Dont forget that many Motor Testers don't deal with early land rover type vehicles, mostly dealing with the more modern cars. So opinions will vary i.e amounts of free play, aceptable, etc
Go to a test center that knows your type of vehicle
Go to a test center that knows your type of vehicle

Thats a very valid point.. Mine walked the MOT but im fairly sure its only because the MOT centre knew about landies and does the majority of them in this area! Some stations I would never take my landy too!
Hey gripper.. if your interested I Have a full set of LWB springs (plenty of life) from my mod 109" first come first served!
Hi all

Thanks for all the replys, spent this evening stripping the old springs off ready for new ones.

Thanks Again:)
Satancom, offer noted! I have a strict policy of replacing absolutely when needed on my Landy. At the mo, the springs still work.
Why are you replacing those springs, How bad are they? Do they have steps in them or what? As your pictures show nothing clearly apart from that they make light contact.
With a 'throw them away cos the're worn' way of thinking, why not replace the whole land Rover?
Parabolic springs are a very effective replacement but as with many things modern, the natural advantages of the old set up can be lost.. Parabolics will need shocks which get worked much harder than with standard leaves.. Ive gone thru 3 of the damn things... Pro Comp ES3000.

I never changed a shock once with the old springs in 15 years.
Yeah I`ve seen a lot worse. A light toffee hammer and a good oil. If you have the money and want to spend it change em.....it`s your money:D

If the springs aren't stepped and haven't flattened there's no real reason why you have to change them. The bushes for the ends are dirt cheap and press in and out fairly easily. The only way I can see that the spring can touch the bodywork is if the bushes are knackered or the holes in the dumb irons are worn.
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