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General LED flood light


Big Landy Fan
What looks like a standard Land Rover reversing light but fitted with two LED bulbs


Inside is different.

img15964fz 2.jpg

Two Ultimate Flood Light White 3W / Undercar lighting Etc LED bulbs are fitted.
The top one is angled to help shine the light down a little.
Also to leave room behind for the resistors from each LED.
The complete original fittings need to be removed from the light before you start.
I cut the plastic piece that is moulded to the lamp holder off and fitted a rubber grommet to the hole in the back of the light.

Will not flatten your battery.
Can be used with the engine switched off as we do on a camp site.

Down side.
The price of the LED's
Mine cost me £25.99 each from www.ultraleds.co.uk

This year I have discovered another source of LED bulbs. www.superbrightleds.com
This is an American company but they supplied me in ten days of my order.
I've just looked at the Superbright web site.
Go to "buy now" and you'll get the full list of bulbs.

I ordered Right Angle 30LED bulb white single 1156 single contact
I've fitted them into my reversing lights and have made two Land Rover reversing lights up as lights for camping.So far no feed back on these LED's.
Certainly they're cheaper and easier to make a reversing ight into a flood light.l

I'm now looking at some "tower" LED's from Ultraleds. I've got two that I'm hoping to use as camping lights.
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