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General LED interior lights


Big Landy Fan
I fitted an LED festoon bulb to my interior light for my trip to southern Africa.This was to allow us to leave the interior lights on when we opened the door without fear of flattening the battery.

However I wasn't really happy with the ammount of light we got from this set-up so I decided to try fitting LED marker lights.

These marker lights are a vast inprovement.So much so the another pair are being fitted behind the driver/passenger seats to give more light there.

Then eventually they wil be fitted into the load space as well.

1 lights.jpg

2 lights.jpg

Showing wiring to lights and aluminium panel to hold switches and lights.

You can just use self tappers to hold the lights to the head lining.

The head lining will need to be trimmed [read cut about] to allow room for the switches

3 lights.jpg

4 lights.jpg

The finished article.

The switch nearest the 'screen is to swith off the lights if needed.So that switch should be left switched on until the lights are not needed.

The other switch switches the lights on when the doors are closed.

The lights work off the door switches as normal.

The lights are similar to those from Vehicle Wiring Products but at a huge reduced cost.

WVP cat page no 27 Ref RCV4201.
Switches VWP page 23 Ref 841

You have three wires fitted to the light.

Purple.Live at all times.
Purple/Blue [although according to my wiring diagram this should be Purple/Brown]from the door switches.
Black.To earth.

Any queries please ask.
"The lights are similar to those from Vehicle Wiring Products but at a huge reduced cost. "

So, where did you get the lights from? maybe I've missed it, but I don't think you've said.
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