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LED light bulbs

Not seen them for car use but use them for torches etc

Very low battery consumption hence why I use them for camping working on car emergencies etc. Cost slightly more but saved a packet in batteries.

Wind up one brillant for keeping in car incase of emergencies never worry about dead batteries

Assume that would save you battery from going flat if left side lights on etc when parking at night
just got a set for the stop/tail lights. Got red leds and clear lens. Seem to work OK, although don't think they're as bright as bulbs. Bought mine for about 10 notes of ebay, but in hindsight would buy the extra power ones from ultraleds
Not seen them for car use but use them for torches etc

Sorry have actually got one fitted but different

Its a reversing light bulb but within it is a "beep beep" alarm which sounds when reverse light is on. Think its good safely feature to warn persons when I am reversing. Quite a few laners say its a good idea as gives warning of intentions when used in recovery situtions. Cost about £2 each

Light intensity is about the same from what I can see

Supid thing is told by garage to replace it for MOT
It's a minefield. I tried a set from a motor factors and they were much dimmer than standard bulbs. I suspect that TBM's were similar. The good ones are very bright, long lasting and low on pwer consumption, but do cost much more. UltraLEDS seem to sell decent ones, but I think most are of poor quality and still cost a lot. Given that bulb power consumption is not much of an issue on a car, I'd say they're not really neccessary, but if you have a hole burning in your pocket, they may be worth the money. Just make sure you get the good ones!
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